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Professional Architectural and Landscape Lighting vs. Do-it-Yourself in North Oaks

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers professional residential lighting that will set your North Oaks home apart from the rest.

The enormous trend of all things DIY is facilitated by websites, like Pinterest and YouTube, and even dedicated TV networks and popular personalities, like Martha Stewart. With tutorials for baking and holiday crafts, to home building and remodeling techniques, we have all likely made a solid attempt at a do-it-yourself project. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we encourage you to hone your creative skills but ask you to call on us to provide your home, outdoor living, and landscape lighting in North Oaks.

Allow us to make your home shine with custom North Oaks landscape lighting.

Communities like North Oaks are fantastic venues for professional lighting design and installation. With stately homes, winding roads, nature vistas, and large private yards, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis aims to provide professional lighting services that will optimally highlight your home and property.

Why is professional lighting advantageous for your home versus DIY?

Exterior House LightingThe finer benefits of professional residential landscape lighting begin with high-quality lighting fixtures. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses only the upper echelon in lighting fixtures, with a choice between brass and copper. Sure, you can purchase plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel fixtures at a low price from a big box store – but low-cost does not equate to a good value. We implore you to avoid cheap lighting fixtures, as they are short-lived. Savings now is not worth the trouble and cost to re-purchase a short time later. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives also offers solutions for high-quality, low-environmental-impact LED outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is a full-service outdoor lighting provider. This means we do all the work for you!

Another advantage is that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is a total turn-key outdoor lighting provider. We not only offer the benefits of high-quality lighting products and expert design and installation, but we will maintain your lighting for life. We offer a yearly outdoor lighting maintenance plan that covers important lighting care services to keep your system working and looking beautifully! With our service plan, you never have to worry about things like enhancing your design with small adjustments, checking connections, cleaning lenses and fixtures, or concealing exposed wiring. Hand over all your outdoor lighting maintenance to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis!

We are your preferred North Oaks outdoor lighting experts.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been an approved and recommended expert lighting company for twenty years – longevity is our most valued accomplishment! When it comes to planning your lighting, we will create show-stopping focal points on and around your home. We can highlight your home’s grand architectural elements, such as large columns, turrets, stone and siding elements, wood trim, and other ornamentation. Having lighted commercial and residential buildings of historical significance, we can guide you through showcasing your home in its very best light.

When it comes to lighting your North Oaks home and property, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will take the repetitive fixture purchasing cost, time, and hassle of do-it-yourself lighting off your hands. Even if you have always installed your own landscape lighting, call on us to update your design and fixtures. Yes, we can do that! If you are tired of DIY lighting at your North Oaks home, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is ready to take the reins.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is in the business of providing the best quality North Oaks landscape lighting that will last. Call today to schedule a design consultation! (763) 317-0827