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Stillwater Living, Made Brighter with Professional Façade Lighting

Highlight the character of your home and yard with Stillwater exterior home lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis.

With character homes, new and old, Stillwater MN is the kind of idyllic small town we have all imagined ourselves living in at one time or another. Residents know the value in that statement and are fortunate to call Stillwater home. With its nationally acclaimed historic downtown, chock full of locally-owned businesses, waterfront homes, and attractions, Stillwater sets the perfect scene for professional architectural façade lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is pleased to call Stillwater residents clients.

Stillwater Architectural Lighting

New homes have character too! Sure, Stillwater’s historic mansions and older homes are beautiful, but such designations are not just for older homes. In neighborhoods like Liberty on the Lakes, we find the spirit of historic Stillwater. With gorgeous craftsman styling, these homes lend themselves flawlessly to professional architectural lighting.

Exterior House Lighting

This showstopping home in Liberty on the Lakes is the epitome of exquisite Stillwater architectural lighting. Character elements like the high gable arts and crafts trim on the front of this home is made more beautiful at night with added depth created with light and dramatic shadows. With uplighting, you can see the texture of the lap and shake siding and the beautiful stacked stone elements in a whole new dimension at night. If there were a fourth dimension or a fifth, it would apply here! The architectural lighting also calls into play the beautiful contrast between the white trim of the home against its darker siding and stone color. The turret is the cherry on top, with lighting on each side that highlights the angular architecture perfectly – all the way to the top!

Exterior House Lighting

High drama is the name of the game on this charming craftsman cottage. How could you ever be blue in this home? Lighting the stacked stone façade of the home takes on a very dramatic aesthetic with plays on color, shadows, and highlights. The saturated blue sets the perfect dark backdrop for the white corbels, gable trim, and window framing to pop. Let’s not leave out effect of highlighting the front porch area, while leaving the overhead lighting by the front doors off. Admit it…you kind of want to live here!

Stillwater Curb Appeal

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, lighting your home and landscaping is about providing curb appeal at night, as is evident with the home below. This home is defined by its gables and bump-outs, which lend themselves beautifully to our professional lighting. Notice how you can see the texture of the shake siding perfectly on the high front gable. The hallmarks of professional lighting design are in the placement of the lighting, where one element of the home plays in direct contrast with the other. The tall gable behind is dark, which to the eye, pulls the one in front out even farther. All the triple windows with lattice design transoms are revealed with lighting at night. This beautiful porch and front door are perfectly showcased with the home’s overhead lights on to highlight additional custom design touches, like the curved tongue and groove ceiling over the door. That’s what we call curb appeal and then some!

Show off your gorgeous Stillwater home at night while adding visibility at night. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! (763) 317-0827