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Upgrade Your Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting Timer to Avoid Daylight Savings Time Headaches

Have you been wrestling with your Minneapolis landscape lighting timer all week? Did you manage to get the settings changed after daylight savings time arrived, but it took you 30 minutes, an hour, or more to accomplish the task? If you still can’t find your manual and are letting the lights come on an hour too early, avoiding the subject, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can help.

Many aging outdoor lighting systems use manual timers that can be confusing and cumbersome to reprogram. Worst of all, they don’t account for changes in time like Daylight Savings Time. Leaving you in a lurch to hunt down your manual twice a year and every time the power goes out.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we prefer to use newer outdoor lighting timer technology that is easy to use and will adjust itself for life’s interruptions and changes.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Automatically adjusts dusk and dawn times for your unique location – including DST changes
  • Wireless control
  • Easy to use from a smartphone app, computer or tablet
  • Compatible with any 120V outlet indoors or outdoors
  • Retrofitting it with current landscape lighting systems is a breeze

The easy to use computer and mobile app make adjusting your lights from anywhere at any time a possibility. This is perfect for when you travel for work or vacation and want to make it look like you are home. It also comes in handy if you go out for a late-night on the town or have a late arriving flight home and want your landscape lighting on later than usual for safe arrival.

While our landscape lighting controllers are simple to use, we really can set it, and you can forget it. Unless you have a special occasion or travel plans, you won’t ever have to reprogram your new landscape lighting timer.

If you need help with your current outdoor lighting timer or are ready to replace it with hassle-free new technology, give us a call today! (763) 317-0827