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Lakefront Security with Subtle & Gorgeous Minnetonka LED Outdoor Lighting

Minnesota living is at its best when on a lake. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a lakefront home, on Minnetonka or any other lake, then you know the joy of the lake daily. The fishing, the water sports, and the quiet mornings watching the sunrise ripple across the water with a cup of coffee in hand.

Lakefront Living Can Present Unique Security Needs

While lakefront living is luxurious and fantastic in many ways, it can present a few unique challenges. Most homeowners enjoy a more private backyard with only one street side to keep secure. But with a lakefront home, the lakeside also provides easy access to the back of your home from the water. With the addition of strategically placed LED outdoor lighting, we can help you secure the entire perimeter of your lakefront home. From the front drive to the end of your dock, your lakefront home will be subtly illuminated with a stunning outdoor lighting design.

Lighting Control Automation

Whether you’re out for the night, on vacation or a work trip, a dark lakeside is an easy target. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we can provide security lighting that will work for all situations. With our Lighting Control Automation system, you can program lights inside and outside your home for the realistic appearance of being home even when away on an extended vacation.

While your lifestyle goals may require outdoor lighting for entertaining on the lakefront, you will find that with a strategic outdoor lighting design, you’ll enjoy the safe feeling of a well-secured home too. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today for a free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. (763) 317-0827