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Create a Warm Welcome for Residents and Guests with Minneapolis Neighborhood Entry Lighting

Is your neighborhood entrance underwhelming, shrouded in mystery and cold under the dark of the night? Each year your HOA spends hundreds of dollars to make sure the entrance is gorgeously landscaped with annual pansies and perfectly trimmed hedges. It is a shame to let this beauty go unnoticed each night after sunset. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis offers gorgeous neighborhood entry lighting to make your subdivisions signs, hardscapes, posts, gates, and landscaping visible and stunning all night long. Nothing offers a warm welcome home after a long day at work like a properly illuminated neighborhood entrance.

Lit Neighborhood Entry Sign


Many neighborhoods build gorgeous rock, brick or stone walls to mark the name of their neighborhood. These walls are stunning landmarks that assist visitors trying to find your home. If the sign is hidden under the dark of night, your guests may have trouble finding you. With proper uplighting techniques, we can create a gorgeous wash of light up your walls to show off the beauty, depth, and texture of the stone or brick. And with the addition of a focal light, your neighborhood name will be clearly visible to visitors and passersby.


It is common to have gorgeous well-manicured landscaping in front of neighborhood entries. Whether it is in front of your sign, gatehouse or the median, this landscaping is a big investment for the HOA each year. Enjoy the gorgeous flowers and shrubbery as you enter and exit your neighborhood after dark with help from entryway landscape lighting. Our copper and brass LED lights use 80% less energy than Halogen lights and will allow your landscaping to shine. Even with the harsh Minneapolis winters and the occasional small bump of a landscaper’s lawnmower these lights will continue to look great and function beautifully.

From Saint Louis Park to Minnetonka, Wayzata and Edina, homeowners are paying HOA fees to gain access to great amenities and help their neighborhoods stay clean, beautiful and safe. Some of these fees go to making sure your neighborhood looks as good from the outside as it does inside. With neighborhood entry lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, you can make sure the gorgeous entryway is seen at night, is safe, secure and provides welcoming invitations to residents and guests alike.

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