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Christmas in July for Minneapolis Business and Commercial Properties

Christmas? In July? Yes. I know you don’t think you’re ready, but nothing will keep you cool like thinking ahead to the winter months for business planning. Don’t worry; we’re not asking you to start playing the Christmas music in your store or anything that crazy. We are just simply asking you to begin thinking about your business or commercial property Christmas lighting plan for this year. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we offer the best, hassle free professional holiday lighting design in the Twin Cities. If you want to let the pros handle it so you and your employees can focus on more important tasks, call now to get the process started.


Our schedule fills up fast; our vendors need time to ship us the exact lights for your custom design and we need to get out there and hang your lights before the frigid Minneapolis winter sets in. We often find that customers don’t really think much about their Christmas lighting until it gets closer to Thanksgiving and for a professional quality holiday lighting design and installation, that is just too late.


The first part of our process is walking your property with you to see what you envision. Then we’ll go back to the studio to create your custom Christmas lighting design. Once you see the design and approve it, we’ll get the lights ordered. As fall approaches we’ll schedule a time to install your holiday lighting system where it will be ready for the flip of the switch on Thanksgiving Day. So you can see that this is not simply grabbing some lights from the big box store and spending a Saturday hanging them half-hazard.

Commercial Outdoor Tree Lighting


When the holidays are over, and it’s back to business as usual, our crews will take your lights down and store them safely in our climate controlled storage facility for next year. Our LED Christmas lights are top quality and will last for years, making your investment in the equipment a long-term business endeavor. With so many businesses getting so much of their annual sales around the holiday, it is to your benefit to create that perfect Christmas spirit to put your patrons, guests, and customers in the spending holiday mood.

Read more about our Minneapolis commercial holiday lighting service, and if you’re ready to get this task out of the way before the busy fall and holiday rush arrives, call today. We’d be happy to put your business on the schedule today. (763) 317-0827