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Minneapolis LED Landscape Lighting Will Add Value To Your Home and Life

When embarking on a home or landscape renovation journey, there is a great deal of decision-making that happens before you get started. Is this project going to improve my life? Will this project add value to my home if I decide to sell in the future? Am I doing everything I can to make sure this project has long-lasting value and is done right? One of the first steps in making all of these decisions is choosing what project to undertake. With expert advice from Architectural Digest, we can confidently suggest adding Minneapolis landscape lighting to your home will not only allow you to enjoy flowers, trees, and shrubbery at night but will also add value to your home.

Minneapolis Landscapes are More Than Just Flowers

To create a gorgeous landscape that gives you hours of enjoyment and adds value to your home, it takes a great deal more than just planting a few annuals and weeding the flower beds. Landscape design done right requires a multitude of elements that work in synchrony. With hardscapes such as patios, walkways, and retaining walls as well as softscapes like flowerbeds and strategically placed shrubs and trees, each item is an important piece of the puzzle. Add to it a structure or focal piece like a pergola, gazebo, water feature or statue and you’ve got yourself a complete landscape. Almost…

Landscape Lighting is Critical

With so much going into the perfect landscape design, it would be a shame to let it go unnoticed under the cover of darkness. As real estate associate Jill Penman points out in Architectural Digest, outdoor lighting is “crucial”. With the help of a professional landscape lighting designer you can be sure that the perfect combination of elements that has become your landscape will look as good or better than during the daylight hours. With the subtlety of properly designed and installed LED landscape lighting you should notice the illuminated, not the light source. You should also enjoy a dramatic effect that is at the same time stunning and understated.

If you’re ready to complete your landscape with crucial landscape lighting while adding value to your home, contact us at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today. (763) 317-0827