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Family, Fun, & Feasts – Let the Holiday Parties Begin with Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting

Family leaving their home and waving goodbyeGreat Aunt Doris is coming for Thanksgiving. Don’t let her try to climb your front stairs in the dark of the long winter nights. With all of the holiday parties upon us, and the sun setting before five o’clock every day, your guests could be facing a treacherous arrival or departure from your home in the dark. Provide a warm invitation, safe entry and a festive atmosphere with Minneapolis outdoor lighting. Maybe more importantly, a safe exit as guests head home for the evening, which could present added obstacles such as ice, snow and food comas.

A Warm Welcome with Minneapolis Entry Lighting

Provide a guiding light to your holiday party guests by adding Minneapolis entry lighting to your home’s exterior. We can add lighting to your front porch, stairs, and pathway leading from the driveway so that your guests can reach the front door with safety and ease. The results are practical, but the effect is your home becomes a warm and welcoming site on these long winter nights.

A Classy Festive Atmosphere

Not everyone loves Christmas lighting, and even if you do, you may not be ready to turn them on for Thanksgiving. With so many holiday parties on the horizon, it is nice to offer a classy illuminated look for Thanksgiving and save the LED Christmas lights for your Christmas or New Year’s party. With exterior lighting along the front of your home, we can create the magical feeling of holiday lighting for the whole year. When the nights are long and the snow has fallen, having your home softly illuminated with Minneapolis outdoor lighting creates holiday magic for you and your guests.

Safe Travel on Sidewalks and Pathways

Given that it is dark more than it is light during this festive holiday season it is quite likely that your holiday guests will be coming and/or going under the cover of darkness. With Minneapolis winters being what they are it is more important than any other time of year to provide safety lighting along the walkways, stairs, and driveway that lead to your home. Traveling by foot in the dark becomes even more treacherous than normal if a little bit of snow has fallen or a puddle has frozen over. Keep your guests safe with Minneapolis path lighting.

Call today for your free Minneapolis outdoor lighting free nighttime demonstration or email us at and our website. Happy Thanksgiving from the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis team!