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The Splendor of Minneapolis Architectural Lighting in Winter

Like a postcard, your Minneapolis home has been covered with inches or feet of snow. While a large snowfall can bring stress when clearing driveways and sidewalks or while driving, it really is a gorgeous site. With lovely snow-capped eves, architectural lighting for your home is more beautiful than ever. With the proper outdoor lighting washing over your eves & dormers you get that glistening winter wonderland look and feel all winter long.

Snow covered house sitting on a lake.

Do you have picture perfect frost around the edges of your frozen windows? Architectural lighting can catch those frosted white corners, furthering that classic winter look. When icicles form, the lights will bounce off the glistening ice creating a winter ambiance that can’t be beat. Arriving home in the dark of the late afternoon will be a treat with the warm welcome you’ll receive. The warm glow from within your home will be carried through to the outdoors to calm any commuting anxieties for a lovely winter evening at home.

Have you ever admired your snowy yard under the light of a full Hunters Moon? Our architectural lighting gently reflects off the snow-covered shrubbery and lawn for an all over-illumination that is simply magical. With little flecks of extra shimmer across your snowy yard, it will look like a child spilled glitter over a white blanket of cotton. The soft illumination across your entire yard will make your home a lovely site for passersby’s and guests alike.

Enjoy the splendor of the glistening blanket of snow from within the warmth of your home. The emanating glow that will wash across your snowy landscape provides a beautiful view from within. With architectural lighting, you not only create stunning curb appeal on these snowy winter nights, but you gain the unexplainable cozy winter feeling of sipping coffee by the roaring fire as the cold winter winds whip up a beautiful site outside.

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