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Top 7 Reasons For Outdoor Lighting in the Dazzling Minneapolis Snow

Snow presents another great motivation for adding outdoor lighting to your Minneapolis home. While winter can be blistering cold, it can also be the most beautiful time of year. On average, Minneapolis receives 55 inches of the glimmering white powder each year. Nothing beats the scenery during and after a fresh snowfall. Unfortunately, many of our non-working hours are dark on these short winter days. With help from outdoor lighting, you can enjoy the snowy sites from inside or out, all winter long.

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Snow covered home with snow on the ground1. Glistening Fresh Powder

The stunning Minneapolis scenery is made that much more beautiful after a fresh snowfall. When virgin snow has no footprints, no muddy spots and no gravel shoveled into it, you’ve got to take a moment to enjoy the view. When the sun sets at 4:30 that can be hard to do. But, with outdoor lighting, the stunning snowy scene is made even more glorious with the light reflecting off the glistening fresh powder.

2. Nighttime Snowball Fights

Couple having a snow ball fightIt can be easy to let the mid-afternoon sunset end your snowy outdoor activities. But if the temperatures are not too frigid to be outside, you have to take advantage of every moment. With outdoor lighting at your Minneapolis home, we can achieve just the right amount of light to create a perfect snowball battleground. Providing plenty of light and shadows for the ultimate snowball showdown.

3. Magical Falling Snow

Snow failingThe movies get this one right every time. There is absolutely something magical about falling snow. You don’t have to be a child to understand the feeling it creates. This enchantment is amplified when it is dark outside. With just the right amount of outdoor light to bounce off the individual flakes as they float down to the ground, you will enjoy the childlike wonder of watching the gorgeous snowfall.

4. Snowman Snow

Snow in Minneapolis is not always conducive to building a snowman. If it is too cold or too dry, the snowman just isn’t going to hold. Don’t miss the opportunity to build the perfect snowman because the sun has set already. Perfect snowman snow can be a once per season event. Grab a scarf, hat, carrot and buttons and get out there and build that snowman.

5. Late afternoon sledding

There is nothing quite like snow sledding after the sun sets. With help from our landscape and tree lighting you can create guidance in the dark for the kids as they make the most of a perfect winter day.

6. Snowy evening in the Hot Tub

Imagine relaxing in the hot tub while the snow falls. Enjoying the perfect warmth and relaxation while the contrasting cold snowflakes dance around you. With spa deck lighting, you can see the light glisten off the snow while you relax and unwind after a cold snowy day.

Young man playing ice hockey7. Ice Skating After Dark

If you live on Lake Minnetonka or another of the many lakes or ponds in the area, you are definitely taking advantage when the ice is frozen enough for ice skating. With landscape lighting and dock lighting, we can highlight the path to the lake and the perimeter of the water for romantic nighttime ice skating. We can even install temporary festoon lighting over the frozen water for a nighttime ice skating ritual all winter long.

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