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Moonlighting is a Great Choice for Outdoor Lighting in Snowy Minneapolis Weather

Outdoor lighting is a great way to provide guidance in hazardous winter weather. With so many lighting options, we just had to share with you one of our favorite lighting effects that look lovely in winter weather. Moonlighting, down lighting, however you name it, lighting from above is perfect for gaining visibility in the snowy winter weather. And when the snow falls, the magic begins as the light bounces off each and every snowflake.

Driveway lighting from above

Driveway Lighting from Above

With a long driveway in winter, you quite likely have trouble keeping people on it when they are backing out. With help from driveway lighting, you can keep them safe and keep your yard undamaged. While path lighting would look lovely, it could get damaged by overzealous snow plows. Our favorite driveway lighting approach is to mount lights in the trees above to shine strategically across your driveway. The result is a well-lit driveway that is easy to navigate no matter what the weather.

Decks & Patios

Deck and patio lighting

If you’ve ever enjoyed the site of your yard under a “hunter’s moon” you know why we love moonlighting. When applied to your deck or patio, moonlighting provides a gentle all over glow that makes outdoor living at night a glorious occasion. With a snow covered backyard, it’s a real treat to get outside and enjoy the light reflecting off the blanket of snow that blends your patio & lawn into a single entity.

Now if we could get winter to arrive, we might be able to enjoy the snowy sites. Call today for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. (763) 317-0827