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How Much Energy do Outdoor LED Lights Really Save?

With LED technology hitting a golden era, many people still don’t realize how much energy LED lighting can really save. When it comes to outdoor lighting systems, the energy and cost savings is hugely significant. To help you understand the significance, we’re going to show you with a bit of math using an average outdoor lighting system as our case study.

Halogen lights vs LED lights on a house

Minneapolis LED Outdoor Lighting

The average outdoor lighting system in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area includes about 20 lights. With a 20 light Halogen system we require the use of three 250 watt transformers for wiring all of the lights to your home’s electrical system. Already you’ll be saving money with LED as the same 20 lights in LED would only require one transformer. While the average low-voltage outdoor light is 35 Watts, you can get the same lighting effect with a 7 Watt LED fixture.

20 Halogen Outdoor Lights vs. 20 LED Outdoor Lights

The average 20 light outdoor lighting system with 35 Watt bulbs equals 700 Watts on a Halogen system. An equal number of lights in a comparable LED outdoor lighting system with 7 Watt bulbs only uses 140 Watts. I like to think about it in terms of the standard indoor light bulbs that we all grew up with in our lamps and indoor light fixtures. Everyone is familiar with these 60 Watt bulbs. If you think about your outdoor LED lighting system with 20 lights, you are only using slightly more energy than 2 of those bulbs you grew up with. That’s for 20 lights!! A savings of 560 Watts when you go LED vs. Halogen or 80%.

Whether you want to save energy to be green or to save cash, the benefits are clear.

Yes. You Can Upgrade Your Current System to LED.

We recently upgraded a client with a 58 fixture outdoor lighting system from Halogen to LED. He is now saving energy as well as significantly lowering his electrical bill each month. One of the added benefits of the outdoor LED retrofit is freeing up space on those transformers we mentioned. This client freed up a ton of space and was able to have us install a few more lights while we were there, and he still has plenty of space on his transformer.

If you are looking for LED outdoor lighting installation or you need to upgrade your current system to LED, now is the perfect time. With the days getting shorter and fast, the savings you will experience during the long winter months will be huge! Call today for a free consultation and nighttime demonstration. (763) 317-0827