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Don’t Trip, Stumble or Feel Your Way Around: Longer Nights Need Outdoor Safety Lights

The days are getting shorter already and by Christmas it will be dark before you leave the office in the afternoon. The longer nights mean you will be doing many of your weekday outdoor activities and chores in the dark. Whether it is arriving home from work, taking the trash out or shoveling snow this winter, let Minneapolis outdoor lighting help guide the way so you can avoid treacherous falls.

Driveway Lighting Twin Cities

The addition of driveway lighting to your home provides a multitude of benefits. With guests and deliveries arriving after dark throughout the winter, you provide a guiding light for their vehicle. I don’t need to tell you how hard it can be to tell where the driveway ends and the lawn begins when the ground is covered in snow. With driveway lighting you can highlight that perimeter to keep your lawn from being damaged. It also provides a lovely warm and welcoming beacon for you to arrive home after work each day.

Driveway lighting

Path Lighting Minneapolis

Navigating your property in the dark is much trickier in the fall and winter months. With possibilities for black ice and with snow on the ground it can be difficult to see where your path is and if there is slippery spots to avoid. With the addition of Minneapolis path lighting you can get better visuals for taking out the trash, shoveling the snow and enjoying the magic of a Minneapolis winter’s night. And if you have children playing in the snow, there is sure to be some occasional forgotten sleds, shovels and snow gear to avoid tripping over.

Pathway lighting

Deck Lighting Lake Minnetonka

Your deck is your favorite outdoor hang out spot. When you don’t get home from work until after dark in the fall and winter months, it is hard to make good use of your favorite space. With the addition of Minneapolis deck lighting you can create a lovely illuminated space to enjoy all year and all night long. With step lights built right in to your stair risers, your footing will be safely illuminated for evening use. One of our favorite effects is to hang lights underneath the stair and deck railings. This provides additional safety by illuminating the perimeter of the deck and the hand rail, but it also casts an ambient glow around the deck for that relaxing feeling you’re after.

Deck lighting

If you’re interested in adding additional safety to your home that adds enchanting ambience to your entire outdoor space, call today for your free outdoor lighting nighttime demonstration. (763) 317-0827