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The Top 8 Reasons You Should Hire Professionals To Install Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

When it comes to getting in the spirit of the holidays, outdoor Christmas lights are a great way to set the mood. They add a lovely festive feeling to your home. Even from inside the warmth of your charming home there is nothing quite like the beauty of Christmas lights reflecting off the snow after dark.

While it can be a tradition in some families to dig out the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving weekend and spend the day climbing ladders and hanging lights, I am going to venture to say that not everyone appreciates the act of hanging them as much as they appreciate the end results. To help you let go of the guilt you feel over considering hiring someone else to do it, I’ve got a list of eight really great reasons you should hire a professional to hang your Christmas lights this year.


Snow covered house with Christmas lights

The best new thing in holiday lighting is outdoor LED Christmas lights. We’ve got the best LED lights that will shine as bright as any lights you’ve ever hung before – but with 80% less energy use! Everyone can use a little extra money around the holidays, keep your electric bill down with our holiday LED C9 roofline lights. Our LED C9 string lights make a big impact in a classic way which is why they are a favorite among all of our holiday lighting customers.


Wreaths are a popular outdoor Christmas decoration the last few years. With green wreaths hanging over your windows you can get a classic holiday look. We offer LED pre-lit garland and wreaths allowing you to dress up your windows, front porch, entryway or portico while also providing festive light to create a warm invitation for your holiday guests. With a large variety of sizes and colors we have wreaths and garland to fit every style and scope.

House decorated with Christmas lights


We’ve all been there. We start out with the holiday music playing, a fire roaring in the fire place as we dig out the storage containers full of holiday décor. Within an hour the fire is off as we’re sweating and frustrated trying to untangle the Christmas lights that went into storage so neatly, but came out like a tornado was living in the box all summer. It can take hours to untangle lights, and then you may throw in the towel and go buy new ones in the end. We take down your lights, store them and get them back out next year, so you don’t have to touch a tangled string of holiday lights ever again.


Man on a ladder putting up Christmas lights

Heights? In the cold and snowy weather? Eh. No one wants to start their holiday season in the emergency room. I am not saying you can’t handle climbing a ladder. But, I am saying that it’s a dangerous endeavor. With thousands being injured every year hanging outdoor Christmas decorations it might just be an unnecessary risk. Keep your feet on the ground while our professional team does all of the climbing, reaching and hanging.

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You’ve untangled them, you get the holiday lights hung, and then you flip the switch. You flip the switch. Did you flip the switch? Are they plugged in? Did a fuse break? GAH! There is a bulb out and it’s making the whole strand stay dark. Now you have to find that one single bulb that is holding up the whole show. Don’t put yourself through this torture ever again, let us handle the lights from start to finish. Better yet, if something happens a week after they’re up, we’ll come trouble shoot the issue and fix it.


Three cars covered in snow

While Thanksgiving is your goal for hanging your outdoor Christmas lights, you do have to contend with unforeseen weather and other potential hiccups. Hanging outdoor holiday lights in Minneapolis can be a tricky proposition any time after October. It could be snowing, windy, raining, blizzardy or just down right too cold. And the closer you get to Christmas the colder it is going to get. Stay inside, poor a cup of coffee and relax while our team braves the elements and get your lights hung.


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we offer a professionally installed outdoor holiday lighting design. We work very hard to make sure the design is exactly what you want before we order lights and show up for installation. So whether you are going for something simple and classic or you’re trying to win the neighborhood holiday decorating contest, we can make your outdoor Christmas lighting display the talk of the town.


A football

Do I need to say more? Whether it’s college or the NFL, don’t miss your favorite team playing because you were stuck out on a ladder hanging Christmas wreaths. The Vikings only have about 16 games each season, don’t miss a single one. Let us hang the lights while you watch the big game.

While there are many more than eight reasons to hire us to hang your outdoor holiday Christmas decorations this year, we thought this list encompassed eight annoying, great and funny reasons to give us a try this holiday season. Find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis can add some cheer to your holiday season. Call today! It may only be September but it’s best to beat the crowd and get on the schedule before Halloween and Thanksgiving zoom by. Give us call at (763) 317-0827 or email us at