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Permanent outdoor lighting will turn your home’s exterior into a winter wonderland!

Don’t scorn snowy conditions. Winter outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will set the perfect snowy scene around your home this winter. Experience snow in an all-new light!

If we Minnesotans know anything about anything, we know about snow! At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we encourage you to forget about shoveling, snow blowing, and trudging along to your daily destinations in fresh blankets of snow. Gain a new perspective on our imminent wintry scenery by illuminating your snowy landscape with year-round landscape lighting and permanent outdoor lighting for your home and yard!

Illuminate your home’s façade in the beautiful snow.

Driving home from work in the evening will take on a brand new air with architectural lighting. Let the stresses of your day melt away, even if the snow does not, with a fantastic wintry display awaiting you at home. It’s mood lighting outside your home!

Wreath on a Stone wall
Architectural lighting will welcome you home at night.


Ready to add winter outdoor lighting to your favorite outdoor living area?

Even if you do not often use your patio or deck in the wintertime, you can still add lighting to enhance your cozy indoor winter living. Imagine sitting by the warm fire inside your home, and seeing the glowing snowy scene in your outdoor living space!

Landscape Lighting
Beautiful glowing lights will enhance your favorite outdoor living space.

Year-round landscape lighting will delight on-sight!

If you have spent money and time perfecting your home with beautiful landscaping, outdoor lighting will enhance its beauty in any season, but will be oh-so-wonderful in wintertime! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to delight your family and guests in snowy months with winter outdoor lighting.

Architectural Lighting
Maintain curb appeal in all seasons with beautiful landscape lighting.

Lest we forget the lovely lighting effect in icy conditions – ice might be the ultimate unwelcome sight, but lighting fixtures will become veritable glowing ice sculptures! What’s more, our quality path lighting fixtures will withstand the harsh Minnesota wintertime elements.

Icy Lighting Fixture
Icy winter outdoor lighting

Lighting your sidewalks with path lighting is not only beautiful in the winter, but will add safety to potential icy slip hazards. Keep your sidewalks lit for better visibility in wintry conditions!

Path Lighting
Path lighting will illuminate walkways in slippery conditions.

Snow is an inevitability – enjoy the beauty with permanent outdoor lighting on your seasonal décor!

If you decorate your home’s exterior for the holidays, permanent lighting will eliminate the need to install and take down string lighting. Permanent uplighting is the perfect solution for your exterior holiday décor.

Ornaments on a tree outside
Christmas décor is beautifully highlighted with permanent outdoor lighting.

LED outdoor string lighting is spectacular with falling or fallen snow!

The substantial size of our LED string lighting globes plays perfectly into the snow globe effect when snow is falling. These glowing orbs catch the sparkling snowflakes as they fall, and look beautiful glowing from beneath the fallen snow that gathers on them. If you have considered string lighting for your backyard, now is the perfect time to get them in place!

String Lighting
LED string lighting will turn your backyard into a snow globe in falling snow.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we know that snow can get us all down. With winter outdoor lighting, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of our snowy landscape this wintertime. Don’t miss an opportunity to turn blankets of fresh snow into a positive experience! We are ready to help you create your very own winter wonderland around your home.

If you are ready to see snow in an all-new light with winter outdoor lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis! (763) 317-0827