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Minneapolis Summers are About Lakefront Living – Day & Night with Outdoor Lights

Minneapolis lakefront living is all about the great outdoors. From Lake Minnetonka to the lakes of Eagan and Bloomington like Bush Lake, Lake Cornelia, and Hay Lake, year round outdoor activities provide residents with plenty to do.

But nothing beats summers at the lake in Minnesota! Whether you like to set anchor at the Big Island gauntlet on Lake Minnetonka, or you prefer hosting friends and family at your lakefront home, there is something magical about summers on the water.

As your friends arrive with their beverages, boating, and swimming gear, you sit back and relax, preparing for another weekend of summer fun! One way to extend that summer lakefront fun is by adding LED outdoor lighting to your home and property. Proper lakefront lighting should be subtle, providing sure footing and a fun atmosphere without infringing on the magic of the moon and stars reflecting on the pristine waters. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis has just the right touch for creating this balanced custom lighting design for your Minnetonka, Bloomington, or Eagan home.

Dock Lighting

Deck with Market LightingSubtlety is key for dock lighting. Whether you’re relaxing in your Adirondack to enjoy the night sky, or needing sure-footing for returning after a nighttime boat ride, dock lighting is important for nighttime lake usage. We most frequently use just enough light for a little visibility, but if you have an expansive dock with an outdoor living space, we might just hang some party lights overhead for those fun Friday nights on the water.

Patio Lighting

Patios are perfect for summer parties on the lake. Add a celebratory vibe with custom string lighting, festive lighting, market lighting, no matter what you call it; it is perfect for transforming a space into a fun party atmosphere. In combination with hardscape lighting for your outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or fireplace, you can wait until the sun has set to come ashore where the party will continue well into the night.

Deck Lighting

Nothing beats the view of the waterfront from your lakeside deck. Increase the enjoyment after sunset with custom deck lighting. After a long day on the water, your deck is a perfect place to play cards, laugh with friends and party. Deck lighting is not just cap lights, with stair riser lights, under-mounted railing lights and even moonlighting or festive lighting, your deck is the place to be after the life jackets are hung up for the day.

Stair LightingPath and Stair Lighting

Lakefront properties in the Minneapolis area are not perfectly flat and easy to navigate spaces. Often the best views are from homes perched high above the shoreline. Maximize nighttime enjoyment around your entire lakefront property while minimizing risk, with custom path and stair lighting. We can illuminate natural steps from the shore up to your home; we can provide an easy guide from the water’s edge to your outdoor living space and everywhere in between. (Essential for those sun-stroked, beer drinking summer party days.) Get the most out of your lakefront property at night with strategic landscape lighting that adds beauty and function.

The land of 10,000 lakes doesn’t need to be the land of 10,000 lights. Your Minnetonka, Eagan, or Bloomington lakefront property is a magical place, and we want to keep it that way with the right LED outdoor lighting design to meet your summer party needs. (763) 317-0827