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Doh! Three Times You Wish You Would Have Had Pool Lighting.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, outdoor lighting is our passion. We understand that for many of you, it is likely not a topic that often comes to mind. That is, until you encounter a situation in which outdoor lighting would have made a great difference. Have you thought about your pool’s lighting lately?

In our busy daily lives, we tend to put off tasks that come to mind at inopportune times. We are taskers! The ones we deem most important, are the ones that require doing at that very moment. We often wish we would have thought ahead for one thing or another, only to put it off again, and remember that we wish we had thought of it last time. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is here – NOW – to remind you that your pool is too dark!

Let’s think of some situations that could come up soon, which would make you wish you had pool lighting for your Minneapolis area home.

1. A SOOTHING AFTER-WORK DIPambient pool lighting

Per a recent report by The American Institute of Stress, 40% of workers surveyed said that their jobs were very or extremely stressful. If you are among those numbers, you know how stress can affect everyday life. It takes a toll on our physical bodies. If you find yourself working long, stressful days, a relaxing swim in your pool at night could be a welcome relief. Imagine coming home with this thought in mind, as the only thing that will quell the burdens of the day, but finding your pool area is already shrouded in darkness. Perhaps you have thought of joining an aquatics club for your late evening swims instead, but why spend the money? And does a public swim really refresh you like a private dip outside your home would? Probably not. If you long for a nighttime swim at night at home, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will work to create a lighting design that will not only light your pool for use after dark but one that will ambiently, even colorfully light your path to Zen after a long, stressful day at work.

2. “AHHHHH, MOM, BUT WE WANT TO KEEP SWIMMING!”pool and patio lighting

Once school is out, parents will revel in their kids being able to head outdoors to the family pool. Less screen time and more in-person time is much-needed for nearly everyone these days. Imagine your kids having their friends over for summertime swims. You hear giggling, game-playing, and splashing during the afternoon. As darkness begins to fall, you now must tell the happy little people that they will have to wrap up the fun. Do you want to be that parent? The one, who must lament, “But we can’t swim after dark.” A professional outdoor lighting design in and around your poo will allow you all to remain safely poolside in dark hours. Save the day – or night, rather – with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis!

3. AN ALMOST-PERFECT HOUSEWARMING PARTYlarge pool with outdoor lighting

Oh, the excitement of hosting loved-ones at your first party in your new home! You’ve planned every detail, large and small. Your home’s interior is beautifully decorated, with everything in its place. You can’t wait to show your friends and family around your new house. Now, think of how everyone will want to see your fabulous backyard pool. Yep, the one that went viral among your friends on social media – the pool that had everyone raving! But all your photos were taken in the daytime. You haven’t even considered that your guests will not be able to see your pool at night. Sure, you can turn on the light by the back door, but the light doesn’t get to all areas of the pool. You can hardly see a thing beyond your back stoop, actually. Is it even safe to allow your guests around the pool without proper lighting?

A custom pool and landscape lighting design would have made your party perfect! Don’t be caught in the dark next time. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will illuminate your pool and surrounding landscaping that will have your friends and family saying, “It’s even more beautiful at night!”

outdoor pool lighting at night

Don’t put off lighting your pool and backyard spaces another day! Be prepared for any nighttime pool enjoyment with custom lighting, tailored to your specific property and outdoor living needs.

Are you ready to light up your pool and backyard amenities with help from a professional outdoor lighting design and installation specialist? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis to begin! (763) 317-0827