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How to Recognize Proper Landscape Lighting

When it comes to landscape lighting, we all have an idea in mind regarding our intended design, based on our personal preferences. Indeed, a proper landscape lighting design will always include an element of your personal taste, but it’s so much more than that.

As professional landscape lighting designers, we have worked with many homeowners throughout the Minneapolis area. With each client, we note personal design preferences when we speak with them in the planning stages of their landscape lighting design. More times than not, our lighting designers are given the opportunity to educate the client about the standards of proper landscape lighting design. What’s involved, you ask?

What are the key considerations of proper landscape lighting?

outdoor steps with lighting

Design objectives for a proper landscape lighting design include considerations for safety, security, usability, and aesthetics. When it comes to safety on your property, a focus should be on driveways and walkways. Traffic and pedestrian areas should be properly illuminated for safe passage. Of note in these areas, lighting should be applied at elevation changes and variations in terrain. As professional outdoor lighting designers, the folks here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will not only be able to light these areas for safety but also most beautifully!

Concerning usability, think of all of the areas outside your home, and how you use them after dark. We will tailor your lighting design to your exact usage requirements, whether they are for outdoor entertaining, private relaxation, or even safely allowing your pet outdoors in dark hours. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will create a usable landscape lighting design throughout your entire property and for your whole family.

Your landscape lighting design should be beautiful throughout.

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Where aesthetics are concerned, our professional landscape lighting designers will be able to offer the most beautiful lighting designs. Elements of a beautiful design are not only in the choice and style of lighting fixtures, but also in tastefully illuminating your landscaping to complement the unique design of your home and property. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will give you a fluid lighting design without bright spots or intrusion on your indoor spaces. We will also direct your lighting and control the brightness and beam spread, so that it doesn’t intrude on your neighbors’ property!

Uplights and path lights are the cornerstone of landscape lighting, but we would have you consider adding elements, such as down lighting, hardscape lighting, and deck lighting to facilitate a wholly exquisite outdoor lighting design. We offer many unique lighting products and applications to stylishly illuminate areas, such as patios and private terraces.

romantic outdoor lighting

We can tailor your landscape lighting to your budget.

Can Outdoor Lighting Perspectives create a unique, beautiful, useful lighting design with only path lights and up lights? We sure can! We understand that your budget might not afford every lighting option available for your landscaping, and that’s okay. We will work with you to utilize the best lighting fixtures and styles to create your intended design while adhering to your budget. Allow our landscape lighting knowhow to maximize the dollars you have to spend!

Are you ready for a beautiful, useful, and affordable landscape lighting design? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis to begin! (763) 317-0827before and after landscape lighting