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Outdoor Entertaining 2.0: With Patio and Deck Lighting, Decorating for One Party Means You're Ready for the Next … And Beyond!

If you plan to have several outdoor parties or even simple get-togethers at your home this summer, we have a tip for you: just decorate once! With fun and flirty professional-grade outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, once your lights are up, you’re good to go for the rest of the season. Plus, you won’t need a special event to feel festive! With year-round outdoor lighting, any weekend can turn into a special occasion.

Where do you entertain outdoors? The two obvious answers are the patio and the deck. Do you have a fire pit or outdoor fire place, too? Regardless of the exact set-up of your outdoor living space, it’s a great idea to use outdoor lighting to set the mood and keep the party going past dark. You can also use lighting to define your party area for guests and light the way to other parts of the yard you want them to enjoy.

Patio Lighting and Beyond … When Your Patio Party Overflows Into the Yard!

Deck and Porch LightingThis idea actually works great whether your group will be contained on the patio or spill over into the yard. First, let’s look at the patio itself. Our lighting designer will need to see your patio to draw up your custom patio lighting plan, but if you have landscaping around your patio, we’ll start there. Landscape lighting around a patio sets the mood, especially if you have the lights set up on a dimmer.

To add a magic, festive ingredient to any get-together, we recommend market lighting, also called café lighting, bistro lighting, string lighting and— a great name! —party lighting. Let our lighting designer know the size of the crowd you’re expecting. This will help us gauge how far out to hang the lights. If you’re planning several soirees this season, go ahead and arrange lighting for the largest of them. We can even put these light strings on a dimmer so you can easily adjust the brightness depending on the mood you want and the size of your group.

When your party is going to extend beyond the patio itself, flowing out into the yard, market lighting is the best way to define the party area. These wonderful strings of LED lights also provide illumination for tables set up in the yard with food and beverages. Then, when you have smaller, more casual gatherings on the patio, you can either leave the outlying lights off or use them to create a cheerful perimeter glow. It’s like being surrounded by a comforting circle of light with the mystery of darkness beyond.

Deck Lighting Serves a Dual Purpose for Any Occasion

Deck LightingWe recommend deck lighting whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying the deck with family each night. Lights on and around a deck create the ambiance you desire while also increasing deck safety. Depending on what foliage you have around the deck, we can use landscape lighting to great effect there, too. You can define your space for entertaining with a boundary of gentle landscape lighting.

The deck is also a wonderful places for market lighting to increase the festive vibe and assure guests they are someplace special. Once you have string lighting you won’t want to wait for a special occasion to use it. Any night can be a special occasion on your deck with party lights. Add a dimmer and you control the mood. Party for two?

Transform a regular weekend get-together into a magical occasion every time with gorgeous Minneapolis landscape lighting. Call today to schedule a design consultation. The sooner you start, the sooner your lighting installation can be complete! (763) 317-0827