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Twin Cities Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas You Can Use!

Gone are the days of charcoal and lighter fluid in a grill sitting on your concrete slab. Today’s homeowners are spending time and money to build out extensive outdoor living spaces that include Grande outdoor kitchens.

Patio Bar LightingTwin Cities’ outdoor kitchens include much more than a stainless-steel grill and a small counter-top. Depending on personal style and ambition, homeowners are taking their outdoor kitchens to the max.

Imagine it, an extensive paver patio, featuring an L-shaped cabinet wrapped with rustic stacked stone and topped with a Travertine countertop. Within this cabinet, there is a large grill top hooked up to the natural gas line that also features a flat top griddle. On the other half of the L, there is a sink for prep work. Under the counter, there is a wine fridge and a mini-fridge to hold cold beverages as well as a warming drawer to keep food ready to eat. At the very end of the counter is the perfect nook for the smoker. Lastly, to keep the chef cool, a pergola blocks the direct sunlight.

Take Your Outdoor Kitchen From Day to Night

Sounds great right? What if I told you that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to outdoor kitchen build-outs? And what if I told you, after all is said and done, homeowners often find themselves struggling to see what they’re doing after dark, as the outdoor kitchen lighting was neglected?

Don’t get caught trying to rush your steak before the sun sets. With proper LED outdoor lighting design, you can cook a late dinner and entertain friends all at the same time. We recommend the following outdoor kitchen lighting ideas:

Focal Lighting

Having precise task lighting shining right on your cooktop is vital for making sure your meat is prepared just the way you like it. We offer stunning copper and brass focal lights that can be mounted from above to shine right on your cooking surface.

Hardscape Lighting

We offer gorgeous hardscape lighting that can fit right into your paver patios and stone surrounds. We recommend them for under your capstone or counter top to provide ambient lighting throughout the whole space. They are also great for mounting under a bar top to shine onto the prep counter too.

Patio or Deck Lighting

Wherever your outdoor kitchen is located, you should have some lighting for the space around it. The idea behind outdoor kitchens is to be a part of the party while you prepare the food. With deck lighting and patio lighting, the party can go as late as you want without missing a beat.

LED String Lighting

Market lighting or permanent outdoor string lighting has become one of the most requested outdoor lighting styles. They can be hung under a pergola, over your kitchen, and over the nearby eating area or lounging area to provide an instant party vibe. We can even string them from the house out to a nearby tree to make your entire backyard glow.

As today’s trend for bringing the indoors out continues, we want to remind you to make sure you don’t forget the lighting. With the right outdoor lighting, you can maximize the function of all your outdoor spaces for everyday living and entertaining. Give us a call today for a design consultation for your custom outdoor kitchen lighting system. (763) 317-0827