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Spring Cleaning: Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Time

Inside and out, when the weather is supposed to be warming up, even if it is not, we all get the itch to do some spring cleaning. We are ready to put our winter sweaters away, pull out our summer shorts, clean out the garage, open the windows, let the fresh air in, and get outside to organize the garage and clean up whatever we find underneath the melted snow. The landscape clean-up is where we come in. Spring is the best time to schedule annual maintenance on your Minneapolis outdoor lighting system.

Spring Landscape Cleanup

All across the Twin Cities, as we emerge from our hibernation, we are keenly aware of the forces of nature. With branches and small twigs littering our lawns, gravel pushed off the driveway from an errant snow plow, and bushes that need trimming, we get to work.

You may also have noticed a change in your LED outdoor lighting system. A variety of changes can happen to your system over the winter months. A burrowing animal could have chewed through a line, leaving a light or two offline. A pile of snow could have knocked over a path light or simply tilted a focal light so it doesn’t look so great. No matter what the case, our team can expertly assess your lighting systems function and design to refresh it before the summer outdoor living season.

LED Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

If your system is older than five years, chances are you do not have LED lights yet. Did you know most systems can be upgraded to LED? By retrofitting your outdoor lighting system to LED, you can lower your energy use by up to 80% and lower your maintenance costs with lamps that last 10x longer than halogen bulbs. And what better time to do it than during your spring landscape clean-up.

Refresh your landscape, refresh your landscape lighting. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today! (763) 317-0827