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Temporary Outdoor Event Lighting for Your Local Twin Cities Fair, Festival, Carnival, or Event

Are you responsible for planning a large event for your town, church, school, or charity? From Slice of Shoreview to Excelsior Crazy Days, the Twin Cities area is full of summer festivals and fairs. Whether carnie games, a Ferris wheel, a special cause, or a concert is the big draw, your event is going to need lighting to create the festival vibe and encourage your guests to stay longer.

There are a variety of options in lighting for your community event. Our lighting experts will assess your event space and offer a custom recommendation to meet your needs.

If your event is being held in a large parking lot, popular lighting options include:

  • Festival lighting – professional-grade LED string lighting hanging overhead will set a nostalgic carnival vibe.
  • Moonlighting is a fantastic idea to project a wash of light over the entire space if you have trees or other nearby structure to mount a light.

A variety of our landscape lighting solutions can work for your event if it is held in a field:

  • Path lighting is a great way to illuminate walkways and highlight perimeters.
  • Focal lighting is perfect for lighting up signs and feature events.
  • Uplighting allows us to use trees, statues, and other vertical elements at your event to indirectly illuminate the entire area.

If you’re planning a large outdoor event for your organization this summer, consider Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis your partner in outdoor event lighting for summer nighttime fun. Call today to learn more. (763) 317-0827