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Minneapolis Landscape Lighting is for Every Season

House surrounded by treesMinneapolis landscape lighting is perfect for every season of the year. With your ever-transforming property, we can create the perfect landscape lighting design to take advantage of every twist and turn the seasons’ offer. Our expert landscape lighting designers will take into account your stunning spring blooms, your lush summer foliage, the spectacular fall colors and winter’s unique snowy transformation.

Highlight the Excitement of that First Spring Bloom

If you’re counting down the days until the first daffodil pops through the soil, you quite likely are eager to get back outside and enjoy your lovely landscaping. Whether you garden yourself, trust it to the professionals or a combination thereof, there is just something about watching everything come back to life after a long winter. With the addition of Minneapolis landscape lighting you can view your ever-changing landscape through every season’s magical transformation day or night. Let us design the perfect landscape lighting system to illuminate your favorite tulips and the first blooming lilac shrubs and crab apple trees.

Minneapolis Landscape Lighting for Summer Entertaining

With the proper landscape lighting design, we’ll successfully illuminate your backyard entertaining space with direct and ambient lighting. Allowing you to take full advantage of the summer season with cookouts, bonfires and an evening under the stars. With our help, you can extend your outdoor living space with strategic focal lighting around the perimeter of your property. Highlighting trees, statuary and beloved shrubs around the perimeter encourages your guests to venture out and explore the beauty of your landscape.

Minneapolis Peak Fall Colors

In autumn, we venture out to pumpkin patches and apple orchards to celebrate the harvest and the cooler weather. But the most anticipated event is the transformation of deciduous green trees to the vibrant yellows, oranges and ambers that make for spectacular scenery. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we consider that transformation in our design to ensure you can enjoy Minneapolis’s peak fall colors day or night.

Winter is Good for Landscape Lighting Too

There’s more to landscape lighting than highlighting your blooming flowers. Minneapolis landscape lighting is great in every season. When winter arrives and all the leaves have fallen, your large elm or oak tree becomes an entirely new site. With magnificent branches emerging where leaves have hidden them, you get an entirely different look and feel. With focal lighting, we can add even more magic to this lovely season for trees. And when the snow falls the magic goes even further with glistening ice on every branch and a joyful ambient glow off the snow-blanketed yard.

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