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How’s Your Outdoor Lighting Weathering the Harsh Minneapolis Winter?

We Minnesotans are experiencing one of the snowiest winters on record, and it stands to reason that so much snowfall will have affected many of our outdoor amenities. Sidewalks, patios, and landscaping bare the brunt of cold, snow coverage, and snow removal efforts each year. Once the snow melts, how will your outdoor lighting system have fared?

Even for the heartiest winter lovers, this is the time of year that most of us begin to anticipate springtime weather. Knowing first that we must get through the snowmelt, that anticipation is not all positive. Each year, we know that under the cover of snow, potentially lies a bevy of post-snow, springtime replacements, and repairs. Allow Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis to take your outdoor and landscape lighting repairs to task for you this year!

Will you be ready for a new or upgraded lighting system after the snow?

Whether you are looking for new landscape lighting, outdoor living lighting, or a commercial lighting system this year, we want to be your first choice. There are many advantages to working with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, including top-quality brass and copper lighting fixtures, long-lived LED products, and most of all the quality of care provided by our lighting professionals. Whether you’re looking to install an all-new lighting system or replace or upgrade an old one, call on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis.

Do not hesitate to schedule your new or upgraded lighting system. Call today to get on the books for your design and installation ahead of the springtime rush!

landscape lighting being installed

Lighting maintenance and service – it’s our specialty!

Winter wind, cold temperatures, and snow can damage many areas around our homes. From tree bark damage and broken limbs to casualties in sidewalks, hardscapes, and landscaping plants as a result of deicing efforts, we never know the true impact until the snow has gone.

snowy tree limb

During winter your outdoor lighting wiring can become uncovered, or worse, damaged by shoveling, snowblowing, or other deicing tools. Your lighting fixtures can be pushed out of alignment. Connections can become loose. The list goes on! With our annual lighting service and maintenance plan, all you have to do is call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to come out to inspect your complete lighting system after the snow melts.

man repairing tree lighting

Our experienced technicians will thoroughly scrutinize your wiring – checking all connections, straightening and adjusting fixtures, tightening connections, letting you know about needed repairs, and re-burying any exposed wiring. Our service and maintenance plan ensures that you never have to touch your lighting system – not the fixtures, not the controls, and not the electrical wiring. Leave all of that to us!

There’s light at the end of the winter!

As we enter March, the month of the arrival of spring, the official winter 2019 snow totals are astounding. In February, the Twin Cities pummeled their February snowfall record. As a matter of fact, this February was the fourth all-time snowiest in recorded history by February 20!

snowy landscape

As of February 27, the Minneapolis area has been crowned the title of seventh snowiest meteorological winter ever, but there is light at the end of this winter. The warm sunshine is on its way, and so is a restored, refreshed, revived outdoor lighting system, thanks to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis!

Whether you are already a plan holder or wish to become one, call us today for your upcoming service and maintenance, before our springtime schedule becomes overwhelmed.

If you are game for taking outdoor and landscape lighting adjustments, maintenance, and repairs off your post-winter season checklist, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis to take advantage of our outdoor lighting and maintenance plan! (763) 317-0827