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Color Your World with Outdoor RGB LED Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis puts color change LED outdoor lighting control in your hands for endless creativity, support, and celebration – or just because you want purple lights on a random Tuesday!

Maybe you’ve seen it in public venues, like restaurants, shopping centers, or hospitals. It’s RGB LED lighting, and it’s going mainstream! More and more people are lighting their homes, landscaping, and outdoor living areas with colored lighting for its beauty and versatility. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is pleased to offer RGB color changing lighting for your home, business, or special event.

landscape tree lighting with red, green and blue lights

How can you use color changing LED lighting around your home?

RGB LED lighting can be used for absolutely anything you wish! There are no rules when it comes to lighting your home with color. It’s not just for holidays anymore! Maybe you want turquoise patio lights. Perhaps you wish to honor a family member’s or friend’s birthday with their favorite colors.

purple and yellow tree lighting

Support your local sports teams? There’s no better way to show your pride than to illuminate your home with team colors on game day! Go pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or blue for Autism Awareness Day. Host a gender reveal party with pink and blue, or a baby shower with green and yellow.

Special events are more special with lighting, perfectly coordinated with your color scheme!

Think your wedding colors will be difficult to match? Think again! We can light your wedding or special event with any color you can dream of. Don’t have an “almost match” or “close enough” colored lighting design at your next soiree. Call on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis for special event lighting that will have your guests saying, “Wow, that’s beautiful!”

wedding cake with event lighting

Where can you use RGB LED lighting?

For a few years now, we’ve been lighting the inside of our homes with LED color change light bulbs, controlled by our smartphones. Well, now you can enhance your mood in your outdoor spaces too! With a Bluetooth controller, you can change your outdoor lighting color with your mood, or on a whim. Color changing lights can be used for outdoor living spaces, landscape lighting, façade lighting, garden lighting – virtually any space outdoors that you want to add color too!

palm tree lights in different colors

Color changing LED lighting offers the same benefits of a standard LED outdoor lighting system. We’re talking about energy savings, great bulb longevity, and in turn, environmental friendliness.

colored column lighting

Do you have to always use colors with an RGB LED lighting system?

Nope! You can choose to only light with colors on occasion if you wish. You can set your color to white or warm white, just like standard outdoor lighting system. If you don’t want to use color every day, or even often, you can still have an RGB lighting system. Imagine paring down holiday lighting on the outside of your home with a colored outdoor lighting system at your fingertips – save time, and never climb a ladder to string lights on your home again during the holidays.

colored facade lighting

Are you ready to paint your world with RGB LED landscape lighting or special event lighting? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis! (763) 317-0827