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Plan Your Deck Lighting Now for an Early Springtime Installation

Here in the Minneapolis area, on the very day of winter solstice, 2018, it would stand to reason that the last thing one would be thinking about is outdoor entertaining. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, however, we know that now is the time to plan your new deck lighting design if you want to use your deck after dark this spring!

Deck Lighting

With high temperatures hovering at 30 degrees, and Christmas mere days away, maybe it really is the perfect time to think of those lazy, warm evenings spent on our decks last summer. Maybe now is a great time to reminisce about not bundling ourselves and our families up before heading out for our daily activities. Remembering warm breezes on our decks, surrounded by loved ones, or simply sitting in solitude, winding down from a stressful day. Now that you are thinking about spending time in your favorite outdoor living space, consider your deck lighting!

We want to be our first and only choice for Minneapolis deck lighting!

Consider the period right after Christmas the Black Friday of outdoor lighting planning!

After we have pushed through the holidays, and our lives begin to settle back into our normal schedules, we often tend to put off plans for much out of the ordinary. We revel in being back in our regular routines, a respite from the holiday planning, shopping, cooking, and celebrating. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we implore you to get in touch with us to discuss your deck lighting needs right after the holidays. Why? Planning your new deck lighting design now will get you on our books for early installation. Otherwise, springtime weather will be here, and you will not be ready to enjoy your outdoor amenities with your new lighting. Don’t get pushed too far into our queue, as it builds up quickly!

What are the benefits of professional deck lighting?

Stair Lighting
Minneapolis deck lighting will see you safely up and down your deck stair!

Avoid potential unlit hazards on your deck.

Remember Memorial Day weekend in 2018, when you had family and friends convened for celebration on your deck? Remember cleaning up after dark, and stubbing your toe on your dark deck stair? If you have fallen victim of any such deck hazard, you will understand the importance of lighting would-be trip and fall hazards in dark areas of your deck. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will provide a deck lighting plan that will have your outdoor living area illuminated for gatherings after dark, with nary a dim, hazardous area to be found. Our professional deck lighting design will offer safety for you and your guests, celebration after celebration.

Light your outdoor amenities too!

Professional deck lighting isn’t just about safety. It’s also about accentuating the beautiful elements of your deck – amenities, such as bars, outdoor kitchens, and hot tubs. Act now to get your deck amenities lighting plan in place, to beautifully light all your outdoor amenities areas in early springtime!

Outdoor Bar Lighting
Light your deck amenities, such as outdoor bars and kitchens.

Only the best deck lighting fixtures for our lighting clients!

Lighting FixtureWe use only the highest quality lighting and fixtures, so you can count on our lighting installation to serve you year after year. In the event that any of your lighting needs repair or adjustment, we offer a yearly maintenance and service plan that will not only see your lighting kept in tip-top working order but also makes you a priority customer should you have a service issue!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis wishes you and yours a wonderful and safe holiday season. Make yourself a post-holiday to-do to call us to plan your springtime deck lighting installation. We want to see you enjoying your favorite outdoor space early into the spring season in 2019!

If you are ready to plan your professional Minneapolis area deck lighting for an early springtime installation, don’t hesitate! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis! (763) 317-0827