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We Shine Together Like the Moon & Stars: Moonlighting for a Magical Minneapolis Backyard

Gone are the days of hanging a large vapor light at the top of a tall electrical pole. Gone are the days of mounting a large mosquito attracting flood light under the eaves of the back of your home. Today’s backyard lighting designs offer beautiful effects to match your beautiful landscape. Today’s Minneapolis outdoor lighting offers functional backyard lighting for nighttime living without harsh glares, swarming bugs and bats swooping in for their dinner. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis moonlighting, your summer nights will come to life for making memorable moments to last a lifetime.


Moonlighting is one of our favorite lighting effects for active backyard entertaining after dark. If your yard features grassy areas for horseshoes, volleyball, corn hole or swingy ball, the setting sun can bring an end to your weekend winning streak. With moonlighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Minneapolis, you can enjoy night games of any variety under the glow of a well-placed moonlight.

Garden Moonlighting


The magic of moonlighting doesn’t end with yard games. By choosing the perfect branch in the perfect tree, our moonlighting will wash down through the branches and leaves creating enchanting dancing shadows across your lawn, deck or patio. This effect is perfect for a romantic dinner al fresco for two, a glass of wine under the stars or a quiet evening on the deck just listening to the crickets chirp.

Backyard Moonlighting


If the captivating aesthetic effects of Minneapolis moonlighting aren’t enough to win you over, consider the functional safety aspects. Moonlighting is perfect for adding light to long driveways. In the Minneapolis climate, traditional landscape lights along a driveway can easily be run over during snowy weather or slippery conditions. But with professional moonlighting at strategic intervals, your driveway can be visible year round in any conditions.

If you’re ready to get rid of the mosquito attracting flood light while still being able to live outdoors after dark again, call today for a free nighttime demonstration. (763) 317-0827 And if mosquitoes in your yard don’t need a light to find you, be sure to call our sister company Mosquito Squad for the best mosquito control in the Twin Cities.