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Out of Sight Out of Mind: Long Lasting Minneapolis Outdoor Lighting May Need a Tune-Up

Pathway LightingAt Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, one of our customers’ favorite features is the long lasting durability of our outdoor lights and lamps. You may go years without never having to swap out a bulb or touch a thing.

When it comes to your home and property, it is nice to have beautiful features that don’t need a lot of maintenance or upkeep. The downside of this is “out of sight, out of mind”. While you see your outdoor lights every evening, you may not really look at them closely. You may not have noticed the landscaping around them has grown lush and large since your original lighting design and installation or that one light in the midst of the design is no longer functioning.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis is here to keep your system running smoothly and looking great for the long haul. When we come out for a service, repair or maintenance visit, we will take the time to inspect your Halogen or LED outdoor lighting system from A-Z. Here is just a small glimpse of what we’ll look for:

  • Cut lines
  • Dirty lenses
  • Burnt Out Bulbs
  • Overall Lighting Design
  • Overgrown vegetation

We won’t just inspect these items, but we will remedy them. Our outdoor lighting experts will replace bulbs and repair cut lines. We will also clean dirty lenses, adjust lights that have been tipped or tilted, and we’ll even trim back hedges. If landscaping is significantly overgrown we’ll move lights to a better more effective location.

When the sun goes down tonight, go outside, look closely at your Minneapolis outdoor lighting system. Are some lights hard to see, or aimed the wrong direction? Even if we didn’t install your system, call today. (763) 317-0827 We’re happy to adjust, repair and service other systems to get them looking great again.