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How Do I Maintain My Minneapolis Landscape Lighting?

Spring cleaning is in full swing in Minneapolis. As we anticipate the warming weather, some of us get out at the earliest possibility to begin preparing our landscapes for outdoor living. If you’ve been out and about and have noticed some overgrowth or other obstructions to your Minneapolis landscape lighting system, you may be wondering about the best way to go about inspecting, adjusting, and tuning-up your system for better performance and aesthetics. Follow our guideline below to make sure you don’t miss a thing:

Start in the front of your home and take a walk around your property checking each light until you make it back to the front gain. As you arrive at each fixture, check the following items:

  • Remove and clean the lens of each light to ensure the lighting effect is not dim or completely blocked by dust and mud.
  • Inspect the light itself for any visible signs of damage like cracked lenses.
  • If the light is tipped or toppled, stand it back up and press it into the ground.
  • Note the direction the light is aimed. Make sure it is going the direction intended as best you can.
  • Look between the light and the intended illumination – trim branches or leaves where necessary to clear the area.
  • Take note of any added landscaping that may require you to call us and move the light for better placement.
  • As you move from light to light, observe the ground for wires exposed by foot traffic or erosion and rebury where necessary after checking them for damage.

Once each light has been inspected, cleaned, and adjusted, manually turn your landscape lighting system on and take a second lap to check each light again.

  • Look for burnt out, dim, or otherwise malfunctioning lamps.
  • Check the voltage at each fixture to make sure there is no electrical interruptions.
  • Check the lighting effect from each fixture (this might be easier at dusk) to ensure your desired design is still in place.

If any of your lights are not working, call us, we’ll come out and assess the reason. While it may seem like a burnt-out bulb, it could be a buried line was chewed through or otherwise damaged during the winter.

Don’t forget to review your landscape lighting timer settings to make sure your lights are coming on and staying on when you desire. If you’re tired of adjusting and readjusting your timer for the change in day length or daylight savings time, call today! We have many options available for self-adjusting timers.


An annual check of your Minneapolis landscape lighting system is vital to keeping it looking as beautiful as it did on day one. We recommend a spring maintenance visit to ensure nothing was damaged during the snowy winter months and optimize it for gorgeous summer nights.

Our annual maintenance packages will allow you to forget about it. We’ll come out once a year and check your system, reprogram timers, make repairs, adjustments, and trim foliage to improve aesthetics. Please call us today to learn more about an annual maintenance package for your landscape lighting system. (763) 317-0827