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Minneapolis Automated color-changing Outdoor Lights

Imagine controlling your landscape lighting from your cell phone, from anywhere in the world. Okay, now imagine it is more than just a simple programming and on/off interface but offers detailed customization of your LED landscape lighting zones, color, saturation, and intensity. A system so smart that it automatically adjusts to the changes in sunset and daylight savings time for your exact location.

Person on cell phone

In a world of smart TVs, smart homes, and smartphones, it is no surprise that many parts of our life are getting easier to manage with automation. When it comes to landscape lighting controllers, the technology keeps getting better and easier to use with every implementation. Our smartphone landscape lighting controller is so easy you won’t even have to ask your kids to help.

Zoning, Dimming and Color Control

Our wireless cellphone landscape lighting controller allows you detailed customization of color, timing, and dimming across four zones. Set different colors, lighting temperatures, and schedules on the deck or patio for ambiance while keeping the lights on in the driveway at a brighter setting for added visibility.

With at your fingertips dimming controls, you can now change the mood with the touch of a button. Go from hosting a lovely dinner party with friends easily into having one more glass of wine with your sweetie before turning in. With one touch, those party lights can be dimmed to create a more romantic lightscape.

Easy Color Lighting Changing Controls

Have you taken the leap to colored LED or RGB lighting? Our controller helps you easily change the color of your light scenes with an easy to use color, hue and saturation scale. You can set themes with your favorite colors and save up to 250 for one touch changes anytime. Think about it, you can set holiday colors at Christmas, warm fall colors in September, maybe support your favorite charity with pink in October or your favorite team – purple for the Vikings of course!

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, we offer the latest technology for landscape lighting controllers. We are excited to turn your landscape into a colorful scene that is beautiful and easy to customize whenever your mood or the occasion requires. Call today for a free design consultation at (763) 317-0827.