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Do you need to put away your outdoor lights in the winter?

Do you need to put away your outdoor lights in the winter?

Here in the Minneapolis area, we are used to winterizing outdoor items, or storing them away until springtime weather returns. What about your outdoor lights? Is it necessary to put them away during the winter?

For over 20 years, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has been illuminating homes and businesses with high-quality outdoor lighting. Our landscape lighting, façade lighting, and all other outdoor lighting products are strong enough to endure even harsh Minneapolis winters. If you have an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives outdoor lighting installation for your home or business in the Minneapolis area, you do not have to put away your outdoor lights for winter.

Wintertime outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor lighting fixtures

If you have purchased a lesser-brand outdoor lighting product, made of thin aluminum, or lower-quality plastic, perhaps putting your outdoor lights away for winter is a good idea. Wouldn’t it be nicer to know that you have the best quality outdoor lighting products, which you will not have to stow away for winter, or replace in the springtime due to damage through the winter? With outdoor lighting fixtures by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you will not have to worry about cracking, breaking, or corrosion – even in snow. Our brass and copper lights are not only beautiful, but extremely durable under typical Minneapolis winter weather conditions. Our LED bulbs will produce enough heat for some snow melt from your fixtures and will light your way home all winter long.

Our light fixtures endure winter, where others might fail

Outdoor lighting care & maintenance

If you are an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis client, we encourage you to become a member of our VIP lighting clientele. With our annual lighting maintenance plan, you will not only be assured to have a properly-maintained lighting system all year long, but you will be given top priority should you call for a lighting repair. Our annual lighting maintenance plan includes things, such as lighting fixture adjustments and re-burying of wires that might become exposed after a long winter.

Once the snow melts, we’ll erase the effects of winter on your lighting system

Our outdoor lighting is for all seasons

If you have an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis lighting installation, turn on those lights in the snow for a wintry show! Our durable outdoor lighting installations are lovely throughout the year. They illuminate beautiful flowers-in-bloom in the springtime and summer, foliage in the fall, but there is really something special about outdoor lighting in the snow. With our high-quality lighting, rest assured they will serve all four seasons beautifully. And if you ever have a service or maintenance issue, we’ll take care of it for you.