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Minneapolis Color-Changing LED Outdoor Lighting for Businesses

Is your Minneapolis area business involved in local events? Do you participate in charities, support hometown athletic teams, or big holidays such as Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Fourth of July? If any of these events throughout the year are big for your business, whether it is community outreach or a real money-maker, we have an idea to help you step up your game a notch. Minneapolis color-changing LED outdoor lighting for your business!

Color-Changing Lights to Show Team Support

If your business is near the U.S. Bank Stadium, you can show your support on game day with purple and gold for the Vikings. Attracting fans is a huge part of why you are where you are. With color-change lighting, you can draw in fans after the game, and then switch to regular lighting when it is back to business, as usual, the next day.

Not just the NFL; if your business relies on hometown foot-traffic after High School football, basketball or other sporting events, we can help you show your pride with the right color combination for your local team!

Color-Changing LED Outdoor Lighting for Charity

Participating in local and national charity events is an important way for Minneapolis businesses to give back. Whether it is teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, purple for Alzheimer’s, or another color for the charity of your choice, we can give you a sophisticated way to show your support during the time of year that is essential for fundraising.

It doesn’t have to be cancer, you can promote pride week with different colors in each light to create a rainbow, or show support for the veterans with a green light out front.

Sophisticated Lighting for Every Holiday – Color-Changing Lights are Next-Level Landscape Lighting

Don’t forget the holidays. With color-changing LED lighting you can create sophisticated festive lighting designs. Choose orange for Halloween, red for Valentine’s Day, red, white and blue for the Fourth of July, or classic red and green for Christmas. The choice is yours!

If you’re interested in displaying your support or festivity at your business, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today. (763) 317-0827