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It’s a good idea to convert your outdoor lighting to LED before 2020!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis wants you to know that your traditional outdoor lighting is set to lawfully expire. After January 1, 2020, you will not be able to purchase bulb replacements for your traditional outdoor lighting system. What does this mean for Minneapolis outdoor lighting?

In a move to eradicate inefficient light bulbs, The Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007 was instated in a bipartisan act of Congress. The EISA was created to unfold over time, from the time of its inception in 2007 – with the first phase enacted in 2012, and the final phase set to take effect, January 1, 2020.

LED landscape lighting
Upgrade your Minneapolis outdoor lighting to LED before 2020!

Any traditional general service lamp (GSL) between 40 and 100 watts, which does not meet more stringent energy standards (25% greater efficiency), will be unlawful to manufacture, import, or purchase. This means bulbs that do not meet the new energy standard of 45 lumens per watt (LPW) will essentially go extinct.

Over 1,000 LED bulbs on the market, meet or exceed the new EISA standards. It’s time to upgrade your Minneapolis outdoor lighting to LED.

There are some specialty household light bulbs, which are proposed to be excluded or are already excluded from the EISA of 2007. Decorative candelabra bulbs, for instance, and Edison light bulbs. Others, such as floodlights, 3-way lamp lights, and some recessed light bulbs are also included in the exclusions.

Decorative outdoor lighting
For now, decorative Edison bulbs will not be included in the new efficiency standards.

What does this mean for our wallets? Aren’t LED bulbs expensive?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis, this is a common concern, as most of us are aware of the additional upfront costs of LED bulbs over traditional GSLs. We get it – no one wants to spend unnecessary money on their outdoor lighting. Even though some LED bulbs can be as much as 60% more expensive than traditional bulbs, we must also consider the benefits of LED over traditional lighting. Considering that LED outdoor lighting bulbs will outlive some of their traditional counterparts with 35 times the longevity, and cost up to 85% less to burn, that upfront cost is merely unwarranted sticker shock. The cost savings over time far outweigh the price to purchase LED bulbs.

LED uses 80% less energy than Halogen
LED outdoor lighting shows significant cost savings

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In addition to energy savings, LED bulbs further aid the environment by producing less waste for landfills. Even with CFL recycling, it is estimated that 670 million fluorescent bulbs end up in landfill waste each year, producing as much as 4 tons of mercury in the U.S.!

Are you ready for an LED outdoor lighting upgrade?

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will upgrade your traditional outdoor lighting system to energy-efficient LED. What’s more, is that we don’t have to completely tear out your current lighting system to make this upgrade. We will inspect your outdoor lighting, and save every element possible to complete your upgrade.

stunning LED residential outdoor lighting
Minneapolis LED home and landscape lighting

This means fixtures, wiring, switches – you might be surprised at how much of your lighting can be salvaged for our LED upgrade service. All you have to lose is unwanted energy costs, short-lived light bulbs, and the worry overfilling our landfills with undue waste!

We will upgrade your landscape lighting, exterior home lighting, and outdoor living lighting to LED.

2020 LED light laws
Will your Minneapolis outdoor lighting system be ready for 2020?

Be ready to ring in the new year with energy-efficient LED lighting that meets EISA of 2007 standards! Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today!