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Minneapolis Outdoor Christmas Lighting: Schedule Now Before Back-to-School Madness

As each new season and holiday creeps into the space of the one before it, we find ourselves surrounded by back-to-school products in June and Halloween decorations in July. While we find this rush to the next big thing obnoxious, in the professional Minneapolis Christmas Lighting industry, it might actually make good sense. While we hate to mention Christmas in July, we would love it if you did!

Whether you love Christmas, hate it, or are somewhere in between, you can certainly get on board with 1.) letting someone else handle your outdoor Christmas lighting and 2.) getting it off of your plate now rather than later.

Our Christmas lighting services are for both commercial and residential properties and include design, installation, take-down, and storage.

  • We recommend you contact us at your earliest convenience to plan your professional Christmas lighting.
  • If you are a new Christmas client, we can make big design decisions now, order lights, and add you to the schedule.
  • If you are a returning client, we can simply get you on the schedule, but if you’d like to make changes or additions we can work out those details now.

What is the Hurry?

Most people want to enjoy their holiday lighting from Thanksgiving through Christmas, but there is a limited window for installing Christmas lights. That window can be made even smaller by unforeseen weather conditions. Making our schedule now allows us to staff up properly and avoid having to tell people no. (We hate doing that!)

Great Christmas lighting design is not a one-size-fits-all. We work with you to create the holiday lightscape that fits your personal style and property. This design process is not lengthy, but it does add an element to the process.

In addition, we frequently receive calls from clients after Thanksgiving. Depending on their needs, it often is too late to get the products they want most in time. It can also be too late to fit them in the schedule for installation. So for the post-Thanksgiving procrastinators, this is your reminder to get a head-start this year.

Christmas in July

Beat the holiday rush this year. Cross one thing off your hectic holiday to-do list now, before school starts and you find yourself so wrapped up in the day-to-day that Thanksgiving arrives in a flash and you haven’t given Christmas lighting an additional thought. We’re happy to plan now, in July, August, the sooner the better!

Call today to schedule your professional Christmas lighting design consultation with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis. (763) 317-0827

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