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Step Out of the Shadows with Minneapolis Backyard Lighting

Your professional outdoor lighting doesn’t have to end at the front of your home and property. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis will design a custom backyard lighting design that will seamlessly tie into your current outdoor lighting system, or create a whole new 360-degree lighting scheme for your Minneapolis area home.

The spaces behind our homes are often overlooked when we plan for a new outdoor lighting system. Obviously, our outdoor lighting creates massive curb appeal for many homes’ façades throughout the Minneapolis area, but it’s time to consider the benefits of backyard lighting too. Backyard lighting has become more popular over the last few years, especially outdoor living lighting for patios, porches, and decks. Trending too, is our fabulous LED string lighting, which creates a beautiful outdoor lighting aesthetic above our private backyard decks and patios. There are more than a few reasons that we believe the demand for backyard lighting will continue to grow.

Minneapolis backyard lighting
Backyard lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Backyard lighting adds safety to oft-forgotten areas in back of our homes

How many times have you had to traipse outdoors after dark, through your dimly-lit back yard? Lighting around our homes is especially important this time a year, as daylight hours grow shorter and shorter. Many of us have the token single outdoor lighting fixture mounted overhead or beside of our back door, which only produces so much light – and only so far. If your yard is big, and your path to your garage, garbage receptacle, or other destination is long, consider a professional backyard lighting design by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis.

backyard lighting
Beautiful backyard lighting with our moonlighting effect

Our experienced outdoor lighting specialists will create a design that is specific to your property, illuminating the darkest, scariest, farthest expanses of your yard for your safety, and that of your family. We will identify potential trip hazards in your yard’s terrain, or in your landscaping that should be visible at night. And of course, your lighting design will inherently create a beautiful backyard aesthetic!

Backyard lighting will also see your pets safely through your yard at night and in the early morning hours.

backyard lighting for pets
This guy doesn’t want to take dark potty breaks

Backyard lighting for your home’s security

Many neighborhoods are now focusing on keeping their communities secure by recommending lighting around homes, including the dark spaces at the sides and backs of homes. Having backyard lighting doesn’t mean that you will have bright spotlights mounted all over your home, which will shine into your neighbor’s windows at night. The lighting designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will thoughtfully plan your outdoor lighting to include lights that will keep entrances around your home illuminated after dark, without having harsh light beaming through yours or your neighbors’ windows. When we fail to light the spaces around our fence lines, backyard gates, back doors, and windows, we leave ourselves open to would-be intruders, who see opportunity in dark backyards and side yards.

backyard lighting for security
Minneapolis backyard lighting will help keep your home and property secure

Our backyard lighting is hard to beat

Our high-quality brass and copper outdoor lighting fixtures and LED bulbs are constructed to last many years, even through harsh Minneapolis winters! Unlike lesser lighting products that can be purchased at big box stores, you will not have to replace fixtures over and over. Those plastic and thin aluminum lighting fixtures will warp, crack, dent, and bend in short order, and your investment is gone. Take advantage of our superior lighting products, as well as our superior service. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives offers a comprehensive annual maintenance plan to keep your lights in tip-top working order all year long. Additionally, plan holders get VIP priority service in the event of necessary repairs or service.

backyard landscape lighting
Backyard landscape and dock lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Isn’t it time to bring your back yard out of the shadows?

Ready to discuss a custom backyard lighting design for your Minneapolis area home? Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Minneapolis today!