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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Featured On A Blog About “Nothing”

Our company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, was featured on Shanks Pandiath’s blog “Nothing Much But All Okay” (don’t let the name full you into thinking he blogs about “nothing”) . He describes his blog as “Nihilism at its best. Random musings with no meanings and in defense of anonymity. Blogging with paid reviews and sponsored posts on general issues on the Internet such as marketing, business, news blog, adult humor”.
Here’s an excerpt:

Looking for great landscape lights? Looking for landscaping ideas?

Residential outdoor lighting is getting so popular, that there is now a corporation, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives that franchises individual businesses dealing only in exterior landscape lighting design, supply, and installation. By offering franchises, they have ensured that their customers always deal directly with local business owners totally invested in their satisfaction…

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Shanks Pandiath is a full time blogger, freelance writer and online marketing affiliate, and is also the author of the blog “Make Money From Blogging”.