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The Advantage of a Night Time Demonstration

I am surprised by the number of landscape lighting companies who perform landscape lighting consultations by meeting with the homeowner in the middle of the day with one or two fixture samples and a drawing of the finished look.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives does things a little differently. We don’t think we should ask the homeowner to make an investment of several thousand dollars without seeing exactly what they are getting for their investment. That’s why we offer a Complimentary Night Time Demonstration. When we demonstrate our lighting design in the evening hours, the homeowner is able to see exactly what our lighting will do for their home, and we are able to move fixtures, add and delete fixtures, and tweek the system until the homeowner has just what they’re looking for. Then we are able to give them the exact cost for the installation, eliminating any surprises after completion. The best part about the Night Time Demonstration is that our beautiful lights truly sell themselves. The “wow” factor is undeniable; the lighting looks that good!

Many homeowners like to shop around and get multiple estimates. When a homeowner chooses this route, it is imperative that they compare “apples to apples.” Ask the lighting designer to provide a Night Time Demonstration! Only then will you be able to see what they’re offering, and see why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is the World’s leading Landscape Lighting Company.