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I Think Edison Would Be Impressed

I enjoyed reading Lindsay Schultz’ article online today in Living Lake Country. Little did I know that we are rapidly approaching the 127th anniversary of our introduction to electric lighting, compliments of the great Thomas Edison.

In her article, Schultz explores the advancements and technology of outdoor lighting with expert design input from Oscar Peterson of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in Watertown, WI.

According to Peterson, outdoor lighting design is one of the fastest growing trends in home decorating, creating more beautiful neighborhoods and safer, more secure homes. “Ten years ago, virtually no one was doing outdoor lighting in a pleasing, effective manner,” Peterson said. “Today, the practice of outdoor lighting has become much more sophisticated and effective, resulting in systems that are practical and add to the beauty of a home as seen at night.”

Together, they focus on advancements in lighting design such as the home security benefits of uplighting vs. flood lighting and how to use lighting to accent specific features of your home and landscape.

Towards the end of the article, Schultz poses the question, “What would Edison think of advancements in the industry?” I say he would be impressed. And not only for the reasons outlined by Schultz and Peterson but also for continuing lighting advancements such as LED (light-emitting diode).

To read Schultz’ complete article, ”Watertown Remodeler Discusses new Outdoor Lighting Trends on 127th Anniversary of First Electric Lighting,” click here.