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Patio and Pool Lighting

Each year as winter comes to an end and spring begins to warm things up, thousands of back yard pools are reopened and enjoyed. Pools obviously are a neighborhood favorite during the day, but what about at night? Speaking from my own experience, the pool we had growing up was fun during the day, but after it got dark we really didn’t pay it any attention. But why enjoy the pool for only part of the day when you can create a relaxing landscape to gaze at long into the evening?

Here are some pictures of some lighting done to accent the pool and surrounding space. I think it has a dramatic effect on the outside atmosphere.

pool lighting with fire features   intimate patio lighting

So as you can see, its easy to change the entire atmosphere of your back pool and patio with just a few simple lights. Get the most out of your investment by creating a personal relaxing oasis! Call an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives near you for a free at home demonstration to see just how good it looks before you buy!