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What is the 80/80 Rule in LED Lighting?

Save 80% off your electricity bill, Use 80% less energy. 

Those are some pretty amazing statistics. Go green. Save energy and save money.

That’s not all. The numbers get even better:

The LED bulbs last 12 times longer than the halogen bulb – approximately 50,000 hours!

The LED bulbs should last about 20 years !

It’s hard to imagine an environmental and financial case that make more sense.

So here’s what to do:

If you don’t already have outdoor lighting, call your local outdoor lighting representative and ask for a free quote. Any reputable outdoor lighting company will be willing to come out to your home, give you design ideas based on your goals, and give you a free estimate. With some companies, it’s as easy as uploading a picture of your home and they will call you with ideas and a pricing estimate.

If you already have solar outdoor lighting or low-voltage outdoor lighting, call about a quote to upgrade to LED bulbs. You may even be able to use your existing lighting fixtures.

kim and lisa schwartz of st. louis

Jim Schwartz, the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives owner in St. Louis has been offering the new LED outdoor lighting and LED fixture retrofits for a while now for residential, commercial and Christmas/Holiday lighting.

Offering Outdoor Lighting in St. Louis for over a decade now, Jim has many, many customers using low voltage outdoor lighting. This is still a tremendous option. It costs less on the front end and low voltage is still energy efficient. The bulbs don’t last as long as LED bulbs but also cost less up front.