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New Holiday Lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new holiday lighting line. When you think about setting up your lights outdoor, is it something you put off? Is it something you start buttering up your husband for a month in advance? Do you wish you could have the best looking lights on your street and do no work at all? Well, now you can. 

star wreath on roof line

With our new holiday lighting program, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. We:

1. Design the best outdoor holiday lighting for your home
2. Do ALL of the installation for you – you don’t touch a ladder!
3. You don’t even have to take down your holiday lights. We do it for you!!
4. No more going to Target or Walmart for those big red and green boxes to store your lights. We also do the storage.

What kind of holiday lighting design is best for you?

  • Do you want to light up your roof line with the newest thing since icicle lights?
  • Do you want linked lights?
  • How about holiday lighting for your yard?
  • What do you think about a gorgeous lighted wreath you don’t need to make or weave lights through.
  • Or, start early by adding some fantastic Halloween outdoor lighting to your home

We have offices all around the country. Or, take a look at our list of locations.

Here’s how it works. We come visit your home for free at a time that’s convenient for you. You tell us what you want. We’ll share some design ideas. You pick your favorites and we take it from there.

small holiday house with lighting

Ask us questions. Send us a picture of your home. What do you think about our new line? We’d love to hear from you!