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Service Is Just Not the Same as It Used to Be – a Good Service Story

When you think of the perfect service man, what comes to mind? The Maytag Man is the first one that comes to mind for me. Remember the old character whose chagrin was that he never had anything to do because the Maytag machines were so reliable?


Recently I was riding with the general manager of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. He was driving me around Nashville showing me lots of lighting installations that they’ve done. Luckily, along the way, I had the treat of also seeing a couple celebrity homes like Martina McBride’sAlan Jackson’s and both Leann Rimes house that was for sale and her new house next to Dave Ramsey’s on the very top of what seemed a private mountain.

While on our driving tour, we had slowed to a stop in his large truck when all of the sudden he put the truck in park and jumped out. I couldn’t imagine what had happened.

He ran over to one of our copper path lights, crouched down near it and walked up to the door. I opened the window to ask him what was wrong. He called over his shoulder that the path light was leaning and he wanted permission from the homeowner to straighten it. I thought that was odd yet wonderful since the path light sat at the very front of the yard toward the street. Granted he looked professional but he was right that it might look odd and scary to the homeowner if they saw someone jump out of their truck and grab their path light – especially since it’s a valuable pure copper fixture.

The owner came to the door and invited him in. He turned to me to give me the sign that he would be only a minute. I wondered if in fact this customer/gentleman was also a friend. The customer told Michael that perhaps one of his switches wasn’t working on his lighting automation and asked Michael to check it out while he was there.

It turns out that fixture was also have trouble turning on. When Michael came out, he dug up the ground around the fixture with his hands since we didn’t expect to be doing any service that day and didn’t have any tools in the truck. He saw that a circuit had come loose. He fixed it with his hands, arranged the mulch back into place and straightened the fixture. He went back to the homeowner and asked the owner to turn on the switch. The fixture worked perfectly then. I saw the owner ask Michael another question to which Michael p’shawed with his hand. The owner had asked what the charge was. Michael had told him “no charge”.

When you get an outdoor lighting package, make sure you also get a service plan and a warranty on the fixtures.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville. You can also read more about them on their Outdoor Lighting Nashville Blog.