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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Unique Holiday Lighting Outshines Icicle Lights Hands Down

From the decade that brought us legwarmers, mullet hairstyles and Nintendo came the birth of what has become a household name in outdoor holiday lighting, icicle lights. During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s we began to see theses type of holiday lights adorning every home on most streets throughout America. True, they do hold a type of quaint charm with the ability to make your home look like a gingerbread house, but now we are in a new decade with so much more to offer in the highly specialized area of Christmas lighting.

3D ornament balls
Today’s homeowner and business owner can enjoy a myriad of unique and traditional design choices when it comes to illuminating the home, landscape and commercial venues for the holidays. When the icicle light was introduced, it’s appeal revolved around being unusual for the time. Nowadays, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing holiday lights. There are LED holiday lights available in different genres from LED light sets that come in more colors than the rainbow, lighted garlands, wreaths, swags, custom 3-dimensional themed lighted decor and much, much more. LED lighting is low voltage and super energy efficient costing only a fraction of what previous outdoor lighting implements did. LED is also long lasting, a typical LED bulb can last up to ten times longer than other bulbs, this means less time and money changing out holiday bulbs. We offer the newest in outdoor lighting technology through lighting control automation which offers our customers “set it and forget it” convenience. We can even program your interior holiday lighting to come on and go off at the same intervals your outdoor holiday lighting is set for.

traditional holiday roof line
Another great lighting choice to incorporate into your holiday display this holiday season are the C7 and C9 lights. These traditional lights have an “old world” appeal and come in a host of hues and are also available in LED. C9’s are the rage among business owners who want to add a quaint and relaxed atmosphere to their business. Many of our commercial customer have opted to leave their C9 roof line lights up year round because they lend to a feeling of a by-gone era and add character to their store front.

victorian horse and sleigh
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is proud to offer a unique and diverse selection of holiday lights as part of our holiday lighting program. As a member of our program you get the opportunity to have your holiday lighting display designed and installed by an outdoor lighting professional. Instead of those boring icicle lights, imagine adorning the roofline of your home or business with LED roofline lights in the shape of candy canes, or even snowflakes. We offer unique outdoor holiday lighting that will leave onlookers in awe of your display.

Not only does our holiday lighting program offer you the newest and best in holiday lighting, put away the ladder and worry that you will get tangled again this season within your string lights. Our program offers the most convenient, hassle free, sit back and enjoy the season service you can get. We design and install your holiday display in plenty of time to get all the enjoyment before the big day arrives. After the holiday hustle and bustle we then remove your lights and store them in our temperature controlled warehouses for use again next season. Not only does this mean you can allocate that extra storage space you will have for a new use, it also means you have the capability of adding lights and extending your display year to beautiful year at your discretion without the worry of where to store it.

front yard holiday lighting
If you are ready to put away the passe’ icicle lights and the legwarmers, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to learn more about all the brilliant and innovative advances we offer in our holiday outdoor lighting designs. To find a holiday outdoor lighting designer near you, please see our outdoor lighting locations list on our holiday lighting website.

To see more awe-inspiring outdoor holiday lighting, visit our holiday lighting photo galleries located on our website.