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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Creates Holiday Tree Lighting Designs That Dance to Music

I know we all have that one tune that plays over and over again in our head during the holidays. That tune can uplift your spirits and when you hear it on the radio can transform your mood. From classic tunes from Perry Como or Nat King Cole to more modern upbeat melodies from Trans-Siberian Orchestra or even the Chipmunks. It doesn’t matter which is your favorite, what matters is how the song makes you feel and how it lifts you into the holiday spirit. Take into consideration the way your beloved music mixed with dazzling holiday lighting could create an awe inspiring reaction in every one who sees it.

This unique and dazzling compilation of lights set to music is not a new idea, but we have certainly perfected it. One example is the way in which we used tree lighting to bring this maple tree to life to the beat of Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree”. Here is a video by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville that is bound to make you tap your feet and put you in the holiday mood…

Clearly there are multiple facets of outdoor holiday lighting that were used to create this extraordinary display. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville chose a majestic maple to host this rockin’ display. The tree was strung with 180, fifty light sets of LED string lights, using sixty each of red, green and white. They then used a self-contained, weatherproof sixteen channel sequencer with an FM transmitter to synchronize the lights to turn on and off in time with the music. The “falling snow” lights are controlled in the same fashion. They installed the lights over a 25 hour period using a bucket truck. The string lights sets will remain on the tree throughout the year, but the falling snow and the controller will be removed after the holidays are over. This breathtaking design is just one of the many that Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Nashville installs each year for their commercial and residential clients. Their holiday lighting designs are among the most coveted in the Tennessee region.

front yard christmas tree
This glorious installation is just one example of the brilliant designs seen within our holiday lighting program. We can transform your property into a winter wonderland with our Christmas lighting designs. You can choose elegant, traditional holiday lighting to designs that are over the top with creativity. Our holiday lighting program means that we design, install, remove and store the lights for you in our temperature controlled warehouses until it is time to do it all again. We offer you freedom from constraints of storing your lights, installing and removing your lights so you have more time to enjoy your lighting display with your family and friends. Our system also offers you the chance to add to your holiday lighting display year-to-year as you wish. It is truly a winning combination of beauty and convenience.

holiday tree lighting

To learn more about our holiday lighting program, including stunning tree lighting for the holidays on the trees within your landscape, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to schedule a free consultation. You may also visit our website to download a free copy of our holiday lighting guide.

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To find a holiday outdoor lighting designer near you, please see our outdoor lighting locations list on our holiday lighting website.