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Wilmington Outdoor Lighting Annual Maintenance Plan

Does your Wilmington landscape lighting look as fabulous as it did on day one?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington, all we do is outdoor lighting! That means we are focused on not only the design and installation, but we are happy to handle outdoor lighting service, outdoor lighting maintenance, and outdoor lighting repairs. We are here to keep your LED outdoor lighting system up and running, looking great, and providing you with a beautiful nighttime home and landscape.

To accomplish this feat, we offer our clients an outdoor lighting Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) to ensure pre-emptive service is done regularly to keep LED outdoor lighting looking and working at peak condition.

Our Wilmington outdoor lighting Annual Maintenance Plan includes the following services:

  • Perform visual inspection of outdoor lighting fixture placement, design scheme, and recommend possible enhancements
  • Straighten and adjust fixtures to ensure design integrity
  • Remove mulch and debris that might be covering or diminishing light
  • Check all connections
  • Check for proper voltage delivery on each light
  • Clean lenses and fixtures to ensure longevity and correct light output
  • Tighten transformer terminal block connections
  • Conceal any exposed wire due to foot traffic or erosive conditions
  • Limited pruning (with your guidance as needed)
  • Check automatic timing and operational control system
  • Annual replacement of all halogen lamps where applicable

Why do you need an AMP?

Life happens in outdoor spaces. As it should! While our premium quality LED outdoor lighting fixtures can withstand weather, there are many unpredictable elements that affect the quality of your lighting design and function.

  • Children playing in the yard can bump, move, or knock over a fixture.
  • A mishap with a lawn mower or weed eater can require an adjustment of a light or two.
  • Landscaping grows and matures, altering the effect of your landscape lighting design.
  • Annual planting, pets, erosion and other animals can cause issues with your underground wiring.
  • New landscaping or outdoor structures can require adjusting of lights for maximum beauty.

With our AMP, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. We’ll take care of them all with our annual maintenance visit. Call today at (910) 356-8203 to learn more.

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