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Wilmington Deck Lighting

Investing in a gorgeous outdoor living space such as a deck, patio or pool means you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. It also means you are looking to increase your enjoyment of your backyard. To accomplish these goals you can’t simply just build a deck and have everything fall into place. You need to furnish your deck with essentials like seating, tables, a grill and maybe even some form of shade.

With all of these lovely comfortable outdoor living essentials, you’ve truly created outdoor living that reflects your love of the outdoors. But day time is not the only time to enjoy your deck. With the addition of outdoor lighting in the form of deck lights, you can double the amount of time your deck is usable. Entertaining well after the sun sets is a perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous Carolina seasons.

Patio illuminated by Outdoor Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Illuminating the perimeter and living space of your deck with luxurious, romantic ambient light is the ultimate goal when we create a custom deck lighting design. While we are keenly aware of the practical necessities for deck lighting, we never have to sacrifice beauty to achieve function. Our deck lighting fixtures are perfect for gaining a relaxing entertaining area while still gaining utility.

Task Lighting

Outdoor living on your Wilmington deck means you are actually living. While relaxing and enjoying your deck is certainly something to partake in, there are many more activities taking place that could use a little illumination after the sun sets. Whether it’s cooking a meal on the grill or mixing drinks at your Tiki bar, we can provide outdoor task lighting to fit your every need.

Focal Lighting

Illuminated stairway lighting

Providing shade or character on your Wilmington deck might mean you’ve added a pergola or gazebo. Or maybe you have a green thumb and have placed the perfect planters on your deck filled with gorgeous flowers. Is there a perfect set of Palm trees that grow right up next to your deck or patio? Adding focal lighting to the special features on and around your deck is a great way to create interest, intrigue and functional ambient lighting. Special features on your deck should receive some special attention when it comes to outdoor lighting in Wilmington.

Deck Lights

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington we offer gorgeous copper and brass fixtures that will weather beautifully and withstand the tests of time. Our deck lights look good on top of your posts, mounted in your stair risers or tucked underneath the railings. With Wilmington deck lighting you don’t have to settle for cheap solar lights that don’t stay on for long (if at all), you can have professionally installed high-quality deck lighting that can be integrated seamlessly into your deck design. You’ll gain added safety, increased function and improved ambiance that is sure to make your deck the place to be for outdoor entertainment all year and all night long.

Beautify Your Outdoor Space
with Wilmington Patio Lighting

Living on the stunning North Carolina coast is all about outdoor living. From North Topsail to Wilmington and Carolina Beach through Brunswick County and all the way down to Sunset Beach, as soon as the winter chill fades away, it is time to get outside.

Homeowners in the area are creating magnificent outdoor spaces at home so they can conveniently enjoy every beautiful day all year long. With the recent explosion in popularity of stone and paver patios, it is not a surprise that building a large backyard patio is becoming the norm.

By adding pergolas, roofs, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces, patios have become far more than a cement slab. Today’s patios truly bring the comforts of the indoors out. Patio lighting has also become a must-have feature so that on warm winter evenings the early sunset doesn’t interrupt your enjoyment and on hot summer nights you can enjoy the night breeze under the stars.

Wilmington Patio Lighting Options

Outdoor lighting is all we do. With our many years of designing and installing outdoor and landscape lighting systems, we’ve developed some fantastic techniques for patios of all shapes, sizes, and varieties to meet all of the unique needs of each homeowner. From perimeter landscape lighting to festive permanent string lights, we have the perfect patio lighting for you.


Permanent festive string lights will be custom hung to fit your patio’s unique shape and style. These overhead lights create instant fun for any occasion or can just bring a smile to your face at the end of a long day.


We offer hardscape lights that are created specifically for the purpose of fitting into your vertical stone and paver features. They are perfect for task lighting on an outdoor kitchen counter, under landscape wall capstones for ambient glow, or can even be implemented in your fire pit or fireplace design.

Under-mounted Patio Lighting


Casting a wash of light far and wide over your entire patio space can be done with this unique lighting technique. We’ll hang the perfect light in the perfect tree to give your patio the feeling it is being illuminated by a full moon.


If you have focal features or accessories on or around your patio, we can use uplighting to create an indirect glow on your patio. Privacy walls, fences, statues, fountains, and trees are a perfect way to softly illuminate the patio.

Patio Lighting


Deploying LED landscape lights into the landscape and gardens around your patio creates a subtle and soft glow along the perimeter of your patio. This is a popular way to illuminate a patio to maintain the nighttime magic while still providing visibility for safe navigation and function.

Illuminating your Wilmington patio is a great way to add function and fun to your outdoor living spaces.

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