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Illuminated pathwayWilmington, Carolina Beach, Southport and the rest of the North Carolina coast enjoy a healthy tourist season as land-locked travelers flock to our gorgeous beaches and historical downtowns. With a lengthy beach season, we have a large hospitality and service industry that is highly competitive. If you’re looking for ways to improve your guest experience, create positive word-of-mouth, generate online five star reviews, and maximize occupancy rates all season long, you could be ringing your hands with frustration. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we have a valuable investment for you to consider. Adding commercial LED exterior lighting or upgrading your existing aging lighting with a fresh design and energy efficient LED lights could help you beat out the competition, create an exceptional guest experience, and potentially even lower your operational costs.

Exceptional Guest Experiences = Maximum Capacity

Filling each and every room in your hotel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental every day of the tourist season can be a challenge. The same applies for keeping tables and bar stools occupied at your restaurant, beach club, or bar. The guest centered industry can change rapidly from year to year making it difficult to stay current with client expectations. With the creation of an exceptional outdoor space, dining patio, or lounging area, you can count on the classic outdoor beach side fun to charm guests and encourage them to come back each and every year.

Wilmington guests want to be outdoors enjoying the fresh ocean or river air, the warm breeze, and the lovely scenery. They don’t want to feel forced indoors after watching a stunning sunset. When the sun goes down the real fun can begin with live music, outdoor dining, tropical beverages and great memory making. To encourage such enjoyment, add festive LED string lighting over your dining patio or outdoor bar. Creating the right mood can be the difference between a hopping and happening joint and a quiet retreat for a few. There is not a more important element to mood and atmosphere than well designed LED commercial outdoor lighting.

Illuminated staircase at St. James Beach ClubEncourage guests to also explore your entire property with stunning commercial landscape lighting to highlight your well-manicured lawns, gardens, and palm trees. The visual perimeter you create will draw guests’ eyes outward, visually expanding your outdoor square footage and encourage adventure. While guests can enjoy all the sites at nighttime, you can benefit from the peace of mind knowing your liabilities are limited with the addition of commercial safety and security lighting.

Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting Redesign

Illuminated windows on the side of a buildingAging commercial exterior lighting systems often lose their original design due to weather, landscape growth, and other external interference. The fixtures could be losing performance causing bulbs to regularly burn out – costing you big in replacement and maintenance costs. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today to learn how a newly designed, retrofitted or upgraded LED commercial outdoor lighting system can save you money while increasing revenue. With lights that are likely 120 Volt or Halogen, your electricity costs might be an area where you could enjoy savings. Our commercial LED lighting uses 80% less energy than Halogen. With top quality fixtures and lamps that last 10x longer, your guests will enjoy a refreshed lovely nighttime scene while you enjoy lowering your operation and utility expenses.

Wilmington Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting is For Everyone

Commercial outdoor lighting is not just for hotels, bars, and restaurants. Every brick and mortar business can benefit from the right commercial outdoor lighting. Illuminate signage to help clients find you. Highlight entryways for a warm welcome and added safety. Illuminate all areas of your building and property for added security. Industrial outdoor lighting adds visibility and safety for employees and visitors. And don’t forget your parking lot lighting! Even HOAs can benefit with neighborhood entry lighting and communal space landscape lighting. The opportunities are aplenty.

Meet your goals for a successful season by calling Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington today! We offer free design consultations and nighttime demonstration. Call today at (910) 356-8203! Check out our commercial outdoor Christmas Lighting too.

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