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Attention HOAs: Does your neighborhood entry lighting stand out or fade out?

Gate lighting at Scotts Hill VillageThis question is directed to the officers of every Homeowners Association in the Wilmington, NC, area: How does your neighborhood entry lighting compare to that of other neighborhoods in the vicinity?

If your neighborhood entry lighting doesn’t measure up, it’s time to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington. You don’t want to be known as the neighborhood with poor lighting or — horrors — no outdoor lighting to guide homeowners and visitors through the entry. Our professional lighting designers know just how to make your neighborhood stand out in the best way.

HOA Lighting

Illuminated pathway at a resortOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington specializes in HOA lighting, and we understand the conflicting priorities of an HOA. You’re responsible for increasing residents’ safety and security by providing adequate lighting, and it’s also your role to make sure the entry to your neighborhood can be seen and recognized by drivers who might be looking for it. You are responsible for creating an inviting and attractive entry area, which requires some landscape lighting as well. On the other hand, you work within a budget and need to keep an eye on expenses. That’s exactly why you need to call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington.

We have moved from using halogen to energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and bulbs, and that change in technology is saving our customers money on electricity costs. LED lighting uses approximately 80% less energy than halogen, a huge savings for you. Also, LED bulbs will last years longer than halogen, so you win savings there, too. If you’ve heard that LED lighting is less attractive than halogen lighting, we have good news. LED outdoor lighting technology has improved immensely and we now recommend (and use) LED lighting.

Illuminated poolIf you have an older outdoor lighting system installed by another company, give us a call. We service, repair and upgrade lighting systems installed by others. If your system uses halogen fixtures, we can retrofit those fixtures to use LED bulbs, saving you money each month on energy costs. Or we can install new lighting fixtures. We use high-quality LED fixtures made of copper or brass. These fixtures stand up to harsh weather and are designed to develop a beautiful patina over time.

Neighborhood Entry Lighting and Community Space Lighting

In addition to expecting a well-lit neighborhood entry, residents expect pathways and community spaces to be well-lit, too. In fact there are several spaces and structures throughout the neighborhood that your homeowners expect to see lit properly.

Types of outdoor lighting we can provide for your HOA or neighborhood include these:

  • Neighborhood entry landscape lighting
  • Neighborhood entry sign lighting
  • Community spaces
  • Pathways
  • Clubhouses
  • Tennis courts and pool areas

If you’re ready to help your neighborhood shine, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington at (910) 356-8203. We provide the best deck lighting on the North Carolina coast.

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