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At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Every Detail Matters

Just like any other aspect of home design and improvement, the difference between quality and cheap doesn’t always just mean the expense of an element used within the design, sometimes the difference is in the smallest details. Take for example, outdoor lighting. When you look closely into the lawns and landscapes around you that use outdoor lighting do you notice the fixtures or do they blend in with the surrounding landscape? If they are visible, what do they look like? Does the finish on the fixtures resemble plastic, or is it cracking, peeling and flaking off? If your neighbor used an inferior outdoor lighting company, or chose to do it themselves purchasing fixtures from a “big box store”, then more than likely the latter is what you will see.

Good outdoor lighting depends heavily on all facets incorporated within the design. Lighting placement, alignment, balance, focus, effect and details like the fixtures. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives goes to great lengths to ensure their customers are getting quality down to the very last detail. For example, our quality fixtures can be powder coated to coordinate with the colors around them so that they blend, and meld into the lighting application, or structure in order to focus on the effect and not the fixture.

I am sure you have heard the phrase " that is takes more effort to make something appear natural as it does to make it look artificial". This is exactly what we go to great lengths to achieve. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Pittsburgh had one homeowner’s fixtures powder coated white to match the posts of the deck. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Northern Virginia also had their fixtures powder coated to match their deck and the rails.

lamp post
There is a certain elegance in the creative design of obscurity within the realm of good outdoor lighting. By having our fixtures powder coated, it blends in a way that makes it possible for the fixture to become one with its intended area of illumination. We also have our fixtures powder coated in some applications in order to create an effect. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Colorado had pole lamps powder coated on a commercial installation in order to add a timeless elegance. One stroll down these meandering paths will send you back to a yesteryear of days gone by.

long island outdoor lighting
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives went the extra mile to have these mounting boxes powder coated red for the maximum effect. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island also went the extra mile by powder coating a pair of mounting boxes red to achieve the effect they were looking for.

Powder coating also serves as a double barrier against chipping or flaking. Inferior fixtures which have painted finishes will crack, flake and chip. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives high quality fixtures, you will never have to worry about this occurring.

If you are ready to experience first hand what attention to detail can do for your outdoor lighting, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today to set up a night-time demonstration, you will be glad you did.