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Don’t Worry About a Dark House – Use Lighting Control Automation

A girlfriend of mine is one busy lady. She works during the day and then participates in some type of sporting event 3 or 4 nights a week. As a result of her packed schedule, she often comes home to a dark house. She lives alone and can easily go 12 to 14 hours a day without going home which at times makes her nervous.

My in-laws have similar story, except that it’s travel based. They travel a lot. It sometimes makes them uncomfortable knowing that it’s so obvious that no one is home, especially since there has been recent break-ins in their neighborhood.

I’ve told both my girlfriend and my in-laws that there is an easy solution that would make them feel more comfortable about coming home at night or after a long trip: Lighting Control Automation or LCA.

Lighting Control Automation is exactly what it sounds like, automatic control for your lights. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ LCA can be set to control your indoor and outdoor lights depending on a number of triggers: time of day, motion sensor, switches, etc. This video is an example of a motion sensor setting that could be used when a homeowner isn’t home, but may want to make it look like they are:

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives – Someone’s Home

This is just one example of how LCA can be used. You could have a similar setting where the indoor lights turn on and off so it looks as if someone is moving throughout the house. A friend of mine has a downstairs lamp on an automatic timer when he goes out of town but doesn’t want it to be obvious to passers-by.

Not all LCA systems are used just for security, some are used for safety and some are used for pure convenience. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ we’ve installed hundreds of LCA systems, all of which are used differently. Would you like a dim hallway setting in case someone needs to use the bathroom at night but doesn’t want to wake anyone? Sure. How about controlling an entire room’s lights with a single switch? No problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to control all of your home’s outlets on one central keypad? We can do that.

The possibilities for LCA are really vast and it’s not just for lighting as it can be set to control all of your outlets.

If you are interested in learning more about lighting control automation and how it can fit your personal needs, please contact your local outdoor lighting specialist at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.